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CAT Outdoors Barrel Scraping Tool for .223cal/5.56mm Gun Cleaning and Maintenance
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Product Highlights
  • Stainless Steel Scraping Cleaning Tool
  • Easily Remove Carbon Build Up From The Bolt, Bolt Carrier, And Firing Pin Flange
  • CAT Outdoors' Scraping Tool Is Compact In Size And Easily Storable
  • Provides A Quick And Effective Way To Clean

Wallpaper Smoothing Tool Kit for Adhesive Contact Paper Application Window Film Craft Vinyl
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Product Highlights
  • A basic but versatile tool kit help you on wallpaper application,trimming ceiling,woodwork or baseboard projects,vinyl wrap,window tint or glass film
  • Red squeegee tool with big size smooths out creases and bubbles,extermely helpful when wrapping large flat surfaces
  • Medium-Hardness blue squeegee with nice size is simple to use.Felt can effictively prevent scratches
  • Knife with lightweight aluminum handle allows for a comfortable grip and exac cut.Come with extra 5 blades can be replacement when knife become blunt

Steinel Precision Hot Air Tool HG 350 ESD, with optimum temperature of 750° F, airflow for electronic applications, Integrated LED Light, Compact and lightweight construction, Built-in security hanger for overhead suspension, 34735
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Product Highlights
  • 300 W heat gun brings hot air to where it’s needed at any work place with a targeted 3.5 CFM airflow
  • Sleek, balanced design for comfortable long-term use
  • An integrated bright LED light illuminates even the darkest of work situations and acts as an “on” indicator
  • Safety rests help prevent surface contact with hot nozzle

Car Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit, Window Tint Kit Auto Window Tint Installation Tool Kit, 6 in 1 with Mini Squeegee, Felt Squeegee, Film Cutter, Utility Knife& 10PCS Blades
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Product Highlights
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  • WIDE APPLICATION-2**:squeegee car wrapping, squeegee for vinyl wrap, car wrap cutter, vinyl wrap squeegee kit, felt squeegee vinyl, squeegee kit, vinyl car wrap, car tint, vehicle wrap tool kit, vinyl cutter, car tint windows kit, car window tint kit, window tint tool kit, car wraps vinyl, vinyl tool kit, squeegee for window tint, wrap kit, window tint squeegee, vinyl for cars, tint window, window tint tools kit, vinyl tint, vinyl wrap knife, tint window kit, vehicle wrap tools, vehicle tint,
  • WIDE APPLICATION-3**:window car tint, tint for car windows, tint window car, window tint car, car tint tools, vehicle window tint, wraps for cars, vehicle wrap kit, window tint cars, wrap car, vinyl wrap for car, car window tint tools kit, window tint kit for cars, squeegee felt, tint tool kit, wrap squeegee, tint car kit, car wrap tool, car wrap vinyl tools, tints for car windows, vinyl car wrap tool kit, tinting tool, wrap car tool, car wrap vinyl tools kit, car tint squeegee.
  • GOOD VALUE PACKAGE GROUP**: 6 in 1 kit, package includes 4 kinds of different tools, 2pcs felt squeegee with fabric felt, 1 pc 9mm retractable utility knife with 10 blades, 1 safety vinyl cutter and 1 blue mini squeegee.

RollePro Heat Resistant Vinyl Application Tool and Oracal Squeegee
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Product Highlights
  • RollePro heat resistant vinyl application tool, Up to 50% faster installation!
  • Easily roll vinyl over rivets and contours
  • Ergonomic design and specially formulated wheel for speed and comfort
  • Use the RollePro to roll down the vinyl in one smooth motion

UTSAUTO Felt Edge Squeegee Car Wrapping Tool Kits 4 Inch Vinyl Wrap Squeegee Applicator Tool for Car Vinyl Wrap, Window Tint, Wallpaper, Decal Sticker Installation 4PCS
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Product Highlights
  • SIZE: 4*2.7 inch (100x70mm) of Felt Edge Squeegee tool
  • Felt scraper: this reusable plastic felt squeegee is highly abrasion resistant, and the edges of the felt will keep the film clean and absorb dust after the film is colored, and not to hurt the paster
  • SCRATCH-PROOF: UTSAUTO car wrapping tool is made of durable plastic and with fabric felt edges for longer life , resistant and firmly, prevent scratching or hurts when applying vinyl
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: Perfect for automotive film color, wallpaper pasting, vehicles snow removal, installing automotive window tint, solar film LCD TV monitor screen film

zhuohua Window Tint Application Tools 1 Set, 9 PCS Window Tint Tools for Vehicle Film Including Window Squeegee, Scraper, Utility Knife and Blades
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Product Highlights
  • Professional and daily use of installing automotive window tint ,which help to instal any flat,curved surfaces, corners .Effectively remove air bubbles produced during the film pasting,and improve the efficiency of installing film
  • For the blue rubber with metal handle squeegee and white card squeegee with black rubber, they could clean the water very clearly for glass, mirror, shower, auto, car windows
  • For the yellow corner squeegee ,black squeegee and mini pink squeegee, they could be used widly on the corners and the place which normal squeegee is hard to reach. For the orange double-sided scraper,one side plastic, one side metal, according to your needs to remove stubborn glue or small dirty residue.
  • Equipped with a knife to cut the shape you want and has ten carbon steel material knives to replace

Wallpaper Hand Tools Kit Red and Blue Scraper for Wall Paper Smoothing and Remove Bubbles Suitable for Application of Window Film Wall Sticker Vinyl Film
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Product Highlights
  • Wallpaper Smooth KitThis set of wallpaper tools includes a red squeegee, a blue scraper, a craft knife with 5 blades.
  • Wallpaper Hand ToolsThis wallpaper application kit can help you better apply wallpaper, window film, wall sticker and so on.
  • Red SqueegeeThis big red scraper is suitable for the application of wallpaper on a large area. The larger size can help you make the wallpaper and the plane better fit and remove bubbles more quickly. The edge of the scraper is very smooth and will not damage the wallpaper.
  • Blue ScrperThis blue scraper has a soft sponge layer on the front end to protect the wallpaper during use. Suitable for small-scale application of wallpaper.

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Luxiv Car Window Tint Application Tools Kit, 9 Pcs Vehicle Glass Protective Film Installing Tool Car Window Film Squeegee Automotive Film Scrapers Window Tint Tools (B)
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Product Highlights
  • 9 in 1 Window Tint Tools: Package included 9 pcs window tint tools, blue rubber squeegee, blue squeegee with soft cloth, white card squeegee, yellow corner squeegee, black fish-shape squeegee, mini pink squeegee, tint removal blade, 500ml spray bottle, carving knife.
  • Install Any Places Easily: Blue rubber squeegee with stainless steel handle suit for smooth large area window film, blue scratches with soft felt suit for smooth small area, and the black fish-shape squeegee, yellow corn squeegee, and mini pink squeegee could install any flat, curved surfaces, corners. Carving knife using for cut the film or the wallpaper with the shape you want.
  • 500ml Spray Bottle: Vehicle glass protective film installing tool kits include a 500ml spray bottle, large enough capacity to hold water or detergent to help you clean the mounting surface, more convenient than others.
  • Window Tint Removal Tools: Orange and black window tint removal could help you remove the old car film or car stickers easily, but when the first time use this tool, you need to rotate the screw for change the sharp edge.

Wallpaper Smoothing Tool Kit Include red Squeegee,Medium-Hardness Squeegee, Black Tape Measure,snitty Vinyl Cutter and Craft Knife with 5 Replacement Blades for Adhesive Contact Paper Application Win
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Product Highlights
  • Suitable for application of all types of wallpaper application,trimming ceiling,woodwork or baseboard projects,vinyl stickers,vinyl wrapvinyl wrap,window tint or glass film.
  • Red squeegee and blue squeegee tool smooths out creases and bubbles.Medium-Hardness blue squeegee with nice size is simple to use.Felt can effictively prevent scratches
  • Craft knife with lightweight aluminum handle allows for a comfortable grip and 5 repaceable blades make knife lifespan longer.Black tape measure can measure the length, width and height. snitty vinyl cutter can cut safely and accurately.
  • This set of tools covers all the necessary tools for installation. Whether you are a novice installer or a professional, you can use it to make your DIY project perfect.

$16.99 $5.99

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