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1Pk - 3M - Perfect It Buffing & Polishing Compound 06085 06064 06068
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Product Highlights
  • 3M 06085 is a fast cutting rubbing compound designed remove sand scratches and leaves a fine finish on automotive paints.
  • 3M 06064 is a high Performance Machine Polish. Quickly and effectively removes compound swirl marks and produces an outstanding finish. Good handling, easy cleanup.
  • 3M 06068 produces a swirl free finish even on black vehicles. Quickly and effectively removes fine machine polish swirls. Outstanding finish. The unique formula eliminates swirl marks and produces a high gloss finish, even on the most difficult dark colored vehicles.

3M BUFFING & POLISHING Compound Hand Glaze Package 5973 5996 5990
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Product Highlights
  • 3M 05973 Rubbing Compound is specially designed medium cutting, liquid compound for removing 1200, 1500, and 2000 grit sanding scratches in automotive paints including clear coats.
  • 3M 05996 is uniquely formulated to remove compound swirl marks. Contains no waxes or silicones. Best for dark colored paint finishes. Less clean up required.
  • 3M 05990 is a non-silicone, non-wax hand glaze. It is used by hand to refine and fill swirl marks after machine polishing. This product has been formulated to work on all colors and can be painted over.

Malco Tru Grit - Heavy Duty Buffing and Polishing Compound for Cars/Automotive Paint Correction and Detailing/Removes 1000-1500 Grit Sand Scratches / 1 Gallon (120001)
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Product Highlights
  • REMOVE DEEP SCRATCHES: Use Tru-Grit to easily remove deep sand scratches & heavy oxidation and environmental paint damage on your car or vehicle.
  • BUFFING & POLISHING FOR CARS: Advanced formula with special diminishing abrasives aggressively buffs and polishes most vehicles painted surfaces. Removes the TOUGHEST STAINS!
  • EASY CLEAN-UP: Contains no waxes, silicones or fillers. Water-based formula cleans up easily.
  • HEAVY DUTY FORMULA: Malco Tru-Grit is formulated for removing 1000-grit and finer sand scratches from both fully-cured and 24-hour-old high solids and standard clears, making it the best choice for you!

Buffing and Polishing Compound for Metal, Set of 6
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Product Highlights
  • You will receive 6 grades of metal buffing and polishing compounds, Ideal for heavy duty cleaning, scratch removal and high gloss polishing
  • Can be used on hard metals such as stainless steel and Iron, soft metals such as brass and copper, precious metals such as gold and silver
  • Can be used with all buffing wheels, Easily applied directly to the revolving buffing wheel
  • These buffing compounds are DRY and made of wax embedded with fine abrasives, contained in reusable plastic tubes for easy storage and to prevent contamination

SPTA 5Pcs 7' Face for 6.7'' Backing Plate 7'/180mm Compound Buffing Sponge Pads Polishing Pads Kit Buffing Pad For Car Buffer Polisher Sanding,Polishing, Waxing
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Product Highlights
  • ◆Unique Design◆ Different size for two sides of the pad---front 7 inch (180mm), back 6.7 inch (170mm)---a specicial design to protect surface from being scratched while polishing, to reduce the abrasion for both pad itself, plate and surface.
  • ◆HIGH QUALITY◆ Prime quality, sponge pad, bendable, washable and reusable. Used for all kinds of coat paints waxing, polishing ,and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness. The biggest advantage for our pads is to lock and remain polishing compound (prevent falling off in high speed). And they have great capacity of heat dissipation.
  • ◆EASY TO USE◆ Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine. Used for Auto car detail polishing. With abrasive stick backing, you can easily change the sponge. They are suggested to be washed with clean water and dried naturally after using.
  • ◆ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY◆ Soft and fine workmanship, not damage the surface,Washable and save money. They are light weight and really easy to assemble. made of durable open cell foam which improves airflow, bring out the highest level showcar of shine with the ultra-smooth finishing polish pads.

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Wool polishing pad, SPTA 4pcs 8'(200mm) 100% Natural Wool with Hook & Loop Grip Buffing Pad Polishing Pad Kit for Car Polisher Compound Cutting,Buffing and Polishing
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Product Highlights
  • High-Quality MaterialBuffing wheel pads are made with 100% natural wool hook, it has elastic and pure natural materials, which is environmentally friendly and will not leave floating hair during use. The wool pad is washable, repeated use, reduce cost, economic economy.
  • Easy To UseUsed with polishing liquid, paste, powder, the polished surface can achieve a better polishing effect, fit for the vast majority of pneumatic, electric grinding polishing machine in the market; The wool polishing pad will not jumping and hoping all over the job and it will not creat too much heat, which is not easily burn the paint
  • Widely UsedPolishing Pad oxidized paint, orange peel, deep scratches, color sanding scratches and hard topcoats and clear coats. Removing marks and scratches and oxidation from painted automotive and wood floor surface fit for cutting.
  • More AggressiveWool Buffing Pad and Foam Pad Differentiation: Wool is simply the faster medium when compared to foam pads, it cuts quicker. The rule of thumb is to start with a wool buffing pad and finish with a foam pad. Natural wool is more aggressive than wool blend, microfiber and foam, this made the wool pad has a perfect performance in removing scratches and oxidation from painted surfaces

3M Perfect-It 8oz Buffing & Polishing Compound 36058, 06093, 06097
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Product Highlights
  • The rubbing compound is a fast cutting and fine finish. Effectively removes P1200 grade and finer sand scratches. Easy cleanup.
  • The machine polish quickly removes compound swirl marks while producing a high gloss finish.
  • The high-performance ultrafine machine Polish has a unique formula eliminates swirl marks and produces a high gloss finish, even on the most difficult dark-colored vehicles.
  • 8oz bottles

Hestya 3 Pieces Leather Strop with Compounds Kit, 1 Piece Leather Honing Strop Block Stropping Leather Paddle Strop with 2 Pieces 4.58 oz Green White Buffing Polishing Compounds (Big Size Strop)
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Product Highlights
  • 3 Pieces leather strop kit: includes 1 x leather stropping block, 1 x green buffing compound, and 1 x white polishing compound
  • Double sided paddle strop: made of natural wood and vegetable tanned leather, one side is smooth leather surface, another is frosting surface
  • Big size leather strop: 14.96 x 1.96 x 0.51 inch/ 38 x 5 x 1.3 cm (LWT); Features: wooden handle for easy grip, with a hanging hole for convenient storage
  • 2 Pieces buffing compound bars: made of chrome oxide compound, weighs about 4.58 oz per piece; Suitable for high and brighter luster finish

Drixet 6 Piece Buffing, Polishing & Cutting Compound 4 Oz. Kit - Set Includes: Black Emery, Brown Tripoli, White Diamond, Red Rouge, All Purpose Blue & General Green Compounds
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85 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • ✓ The Drixet 6 Piece Buffing/Polishing Compounds Kit will help you get a smooth and burr-free mirror finish on a wide variety of surfaces helping you handle all kinds of projects.
  • ✓ SPECS: All compounds (Black, Brown, White, Green, Red & Blue) are the same size - Length: 4-3/4” – Width: 1” - Height: 3/4”.
  • ✓ QUALITY: These Compounds are color coded for easy identification in a scale from coarse to fine – The compounds will bring out the maximum luster and mirror like finish on jewelry and soft metals and can also be used to finish harder metals to a mirror like finish.
  • ✓ DESIGN: The Compounds are designed to be applied on buffing wheels by simply spinning a buffing wheel on a motor/drill and gently pressing the compound against the wheel while the heat/friction will transfer the compound onto the polishing wheel.

3D One - Professional Cutting, Polishing, and Finishing Compound (16 Oz) for Paint Correction, Auto Detailing and Buffing
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Product Highlights
  • Hybrid High-Quality Polish & Compound
  • Cutting Compound & Finishing Polish
  • Delivers True Paint Correction
  • Water based and all natural


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