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Dental Materials Denture Flexible Acrylic Flexible Dental Acrylic Without Blood Streak 10Cans/Bag
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Product Highlights
  • It must be used with a Dental Injection Molding Machine,needs to be heated to a temperature of 28710C. (about 550F) and then injected into your dental mold.
  • Melting time:11-15min.10 cans(About 9g/can).Without Blood Streak.
  • High translucent close to color of gums.Color is effected by the the heating time.
  • Good elasticity to avoid break.

Dental Materials Denture Flexible Acrylic With Blood Streak 5 cans US Shipping 2-5 Days Delivery
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Product Highlights
  • Good elasticity to avoid break
  • Polish easily because of smooth surface
  • High translucent close to color of gums
  • Temp:287 C

Keystone 9616230 Pro-Form Base Plate Material .080 (2mm) 5' x 5' Red in Color 25/pk
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Product Highlights
  • Pure, high impact styrene
  • 5" x 5" sheets
  • Low melt temperature
  • Used for denture base or wax bite plates

Imako Cosmetic Teeth Extras (Pink and White Fitting Material)
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Product Highlights
  • Extra Impression Material for Imako Cosmetic Teeth
  • Good for substantial tooth loss, stiffen places where teeth are missing
  • Used to strengthen the Imako shell where you have missing teeth
  • Tooth colored fillings may also be used cosmetically to change the size, color and shape of teeth

Dental Lab Material,OD98 Ceramic Dental Zirconia Blocks With Plastic Ring for Wieland System for Denture Crown And Bridge Making,HT,9812mm
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Product Highlights
  • QualityWe chose high quality zirconia powder to make the Zirconia Block with plastic ring. The isostatic pressing ensures that all parts have a homogeneous density and a contraction distribution. Reliable,controllable and reusable production process to guarantee the same quality. Each disc has its barcode and printed scale factor to sure more precise scale factor (persistent and consistent in the scale factor between each lot)
  • UsageThe blocks of dental zirconia are for the creation of crowns, bridges, inlays and fixed partial denture plates as dental lab material
  • How to Use It Grind the dental zirconia block with your CAD / CAM machine and then send the Frame to the sintering furnace.The final sintering temperature is 1480 degrees Celsius. Control the temperature rise speed by 8 degrees per minute and make sure the frame is completely cooled to room temperature before removing it
  • FeaturesEasy to cut, without porcelain break, less cuts. The discs have the necessary edges for a milling machine

Easyinsmile Base Plate Red Wax Dentist for Dental Lab
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Product Highlights
  • Baseplate wax is used mainly for making occlusion rims and for holding artificial teeth to baseplates during the fabrication of dentures.
  • 18 pcs(240g) in one box.
  • For primary impression in edentulous cases before preparing special tray.
  • Thickness:1.3mm Measurement: 145mm (L) x 75mm (W)

Professional Cosmetic Upper - New from Instant Smile! Hand crafted detail, custom fit at home! Works Best in Medium to Large Sized Mouths.
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Product Highlights
  • Get a great smile from the comfort of your home! Step by step instructions included.
  • Hand crafted with a soft plastic acrylic. Approx 10% larger than our Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex Teeth.
  • Natural tooth and gum coloring. Does not stain! Detailed gum line and tooth structure
  • Safe - Tested to cosmetic standards.

Dental PMMA,CAD CAM System Milling Disc Lab Materials for Denture Restoration Implant,5 Pieces (A2, 98x20mm)
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Product Highlights
  • The discs have the edge groves required for a high speed CAD/CAM milling machine Standard sizes are OD98mm
  • Use the blanks to create clear nightguards and implant surgical guides, as well as long-span bridgework where warping may be an issue when using wax.
  • The blanks can be used for all clear arylic needs for a more aesthetic finish
  • We Bioceramics provides super clear PMMA fit for high speed CAD/CAM milling, burn out with clean and polish to a glasslike finish.

Silicone Impression Material Tray Kit Dental Clinic Teeth Whitening WS3+1
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Product Highlights
  • 1.Suitable for teeth whitening and orthodontics
  • 2.Best flexibility and High tear resistance
  • 3.Good stability and Long-term storage
  • 4.Excellent Hydrophilic

VEVOR 400W Denture Machine 110V Denture Injection System Flexible Denture Machine Dental laboratory Equipment for Making Flexible Removable Partial Dentures
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Product Highlights
  • INTRODUCTION - This is 400W dental flexible denture machine, 110V dental laboratory equipment denture injection system. Heating temperature: 282-288 C. Pressure time: 7min30s-11min. Intended use: Dentistry
  • ADVANTAGES - The denture injection machine is produced by international standards. Easy to operate, save time, high casting success rate, low maintenance, long lifespan and ordinary tooth box can also be injection molded
  • COMPONENT - This denture injection unit is composed of a heater and a hot press. 1. Heater: Temperature control, timer and electric system. 2. Hot Press: Frame, cylinder, heater, bracket and flask etc
  • WORKING PRINCIPLE - 1. Heater - It heats the cartridge at the temperature of the 282-288C for about 7min30s-11min, making the flexible denture material melt in the cartridge. 2. Hot Press - It injects the molten material into flask which is prepared in advance


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