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Muskoka Lifestyle Products Fly Tying Material Feather Starter Kit
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Product Highlights
  • Great assortment of bulk feathers.
  • Bulk on lots of your most popular tying materials in feathers and dubbings
  • Now includes bulk synthetic rabbit hair and ice dubbing 10 bags total of multi color.

Greatfishing 12packs Mix Color Long Fiber Fly Tying Materials Craft Fur Streamer Bait Fish Fly Tying Material Furable Fiber Furable Soft Synthetic Fiber Bait Fish Salt Water Patterns Tail and Wing
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Product Highlights
  • Greatfishing 12packs Mix Color Long Furable Soft Synthetic Fiber
  • Super soft and light material, bright color. 12pcs different colors cover pink, black, green, orange, brown, light pink, white, yellow, moss green, blue, red, purple. A extra free nature color, valued 13 colors combo.
  • Size: about 5cmX12cm each, fiber length between 5cm ~ 11cm.
  • 12 colors/set; Flies not included.

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Riverruns UV Clear Glue Three Formula Thick,Thin and Super Flew +12 LED UV Power Light Fly Tying for Building Flies Flies Heads Bodies and Wings Tack Free Special Introductory Sale!
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Product Highlights
  • High tech introduced from Dental word. No any harm effect. Environmental friendly. They cure in seconds under UV light, become crystal clear and glass smooth. Customer can use the dubbing needle open the bottleneck. No heat needed. Simple, ready to use, no need any preparation. Stay clear and never turns yellow and also super durable comparing to traditional epoxy, 100% Tack-free.
  • Thick UV glue (standard uv glue) is great for making surf candies, epoxy shrimp, and bait fish heads or any flies heads, also good in bodies or wing cases, or to coat a small thread head.
  • Thin UV glue flows easily with excellent penetration, applying on flies bodies, wings, or as coasting for decal eyes and heads. They are great in making nymphs, scud backs, chironomids, and more you can name.
  • Flew uv glue ready to use, no need any preparation. This super power flex UV glue will make vivid flies moving super realistic. They are also the best protection for all type knots. Customer can use the dubbing needle open the bottleneck.Cure in seconds under UV light, crystal clear and glass smooth. Stay clear and never turns yellow and also super durable comparing traditional epoxy. 100% Tack-free. Both of them are multi-purpose, instantly cure with UV light or sunlight.

Greatfishing 10 Best Color/Set Sparkle Crystal Flash Flashabou Tinsels Fly Fishing Line Hook Lure Flash Flies Decorating Fly Tying Material Dry Flies
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Product Highlights
  • Greatfishing flashabou tinsels with PET-Environmentally Friendly materials, UV lamp irradiation has a fluorescent effect, can decorate nymphs, tie sea fishing, lure, etc.
  • Dress your flies up with some crystal flash. Give your fly that extra flash to catch the attention of the fish. It can suitable for freshwater flies or saltwater flies. Tinsel Size: 0.3mm, 25cm to 30cm length, about 230 strands/pack.
  • Application: Flies decorating. Color: 10 color one pack. Color avaialbe: Yellow, golden green, lake blue, light yellow, sapphire blue, purple white, pink, rose red, olive green, black.
  • Please understand that the tinsel length and quantity of each pack are not the same because it were packed manually. Please also note there may be color shift.

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SAMSFX Fly Tying Materials Squirmy Wormy Soft Worm Lures Flie Making Assorted Colors (Brown, Dark Red, Pink, Red)
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Product Highlights
  • Made by ultra soft plastic rubber, environemtal friendly materials,durable and up to 700% elongation
  • 4 best selected colors Brown, Blood Red, San Juan Pink and San Juan Red assortment
  • 27-30 legs each color, total 108-120 legs in pack, each leg is approximately 4.5" / 11.5cm long & 0.1" / 2.5mm thick
  • Easy to tie and super realistic for fish, great for using on both stillwater and river

Temorah 10 Colors 0.3MM Copper Wire Fly Tying Materials for Handmade Fly Fishing (Assorted(10 Colors))
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Product Highlights
  • Length: About 10.5 Yards/Spool.
  • Diameter: 0.3mm.
  • Color Guide:Gold,Blood Red,Black, Dark bule,Purple,Silver,Red,Green,Light copper,Coffee.
  • Copper wire can increase the weight of the hook,speed up the rapid sinking of the hook,and shape the body of the nymph.

XFISHMAN Fly-Tying-Materials-Rubber-Legs-Silicone-Rubber-Skirt 12-24 Colors Fly Tying Supplies (24 Colors kit)
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Product Highlights
  • Build your own fishing lure skirts with this wild variety of first quality silicone strips.
  • Assortment would be of great help to those working on secret one-of-a-kind baits
  • Barred color legs are widely used in many patterns of flies tying
  • Silicone skirt replacement for Spinnerbaits,Buzzbait,Buzzbait,Spoon,Blade & Jig lures

Phecda Sport Feathers Fur Thread Crystal Flash Line Hooks Fly Tying Materials Starter Kits (Fly Tying Materials Set)
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Product Highlights
  • The Assortement Includes Fly Tying Feathers Fur Hooks Thread Crystal Flash Line etc
  • All the things are hot sale in our shop, Paired with a lot of popular materials.
  • Can be used to make dry flies or wet flies, it's a perfect choice for beginner
  • Attention: This package takes about 10~20 work days on the road. Please keep your patience

Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit
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Product Highlights
  • Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit

Riverruns 6 Color/Set Non-tarnishing Ultra Copper Wire 0.1mm, 0.2mm Super Realistic Fly Tying Material Proudly from Europe Great Choices for Larve Nymph, Streamer (0.1mmWire Pack)
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Product Highlights
  • Proudly from Europe, Riverruns wonderful 6 color/set copper wires are made from a super quality single strand non-tarnishing copper-based ultra wire used for ribbing, weight, flash, dubbing brush wire, and as well as a body component on nymphs, streamers and other flies.
  • Flies can be tied completely out of our Ultra Wire, or wrap two different colors together for banded, segmented bodies. Tie on and tie off with thread. Rather than cutting simply wiggle and it will break saving damage to your scissors. Riverruns Ultra Wires are the hottest wires in fly tying and comes in 2 size package, each size in 6 great colors.
  • 0.1mmwire pack, 30m (around 33yard) per spool, in supa clean, warm gold, champagne, leaf green, brown and black. Great for flytyingof dry flies as very fine and also for smaller nymphs sizes 16 and smaller. It is micro light and will be suitable for most flies from March Brown to Mayfly patterns.
  • 0.2mm wire pack, 18m (around 20yard) per spool, in champagne, warm gold, chartreuse, wine, brown and black. Great tying general nymphs, Copper John, Brassie trout flies, lures, streamers, salmon, saltwater and predator flies.


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