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Foot Peel Mask - 2 Pack - For Cracked Heels, Dead Skin & Calluses - Make Your Feet Baby Soft & Get a Smooth Skin, Removes & Repairs Rough Heels, Dry Toe Skin - Exfoliating Peeling Natural Treatment
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  • For men & women with a shoe size up to 11.
  • Can be used for dead skin, cracked heels and callouses.
  • Includes Coconut and papaya extracts.
  • Can be used on all types of skin.

Pure Radiance by CALA Moisturizing Foot Masks 3 Pairs.
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  • These hand masks are nourishing and hydrating
  • This product contains Sunflower Seed & tea tree oil and shea butter & Aloe Vera extract
  • Good for dry and chapped feet
  • Each packet contains 3 pairs

2 Pairs Foot Peel Mask Exfoliant for Soft Feet in 1-2 Weeks, Exfoliating Booties for Peeling Off Calluses & Dead Skin, For Men & Women Lavender by Bea Luz
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2,236 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Miracle Solution for Dry, Coarse, Callused Feet: Our foot peel mask is extremely effective at exfoliating and peeling away rough and dead skin to unveil brand new baby soft feet in 1-2 weeks
  • Easy to Use: Simply put on the booties for the recommended time period and after removing it, the treatment will start to work. There is no need for you to peel or scrub the skin yourself. The old skin will automatically peel off on its own after a few days until only new remains.
  • Safe and Pain-Free: The natural extracts and botanicals gently yet safely penetrate into the dead skin cells to break down and remove the outer layers. There is zero pain in this process of renewing the skin on your feet.
  • Healthy Soft Feet for Family and Friends: Pamper your feet and the feet of your loved ones with our exfoliate foot peel mask. Both men and women can appreciate healthier and softer feet.

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Foot Peel Mask 5 Pack, Coconut Exfoliating Foot Masks Natural Exfoliator for Dry Dead Skin, Callus, Repair Rough Heels for Men Women
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Product Highlights
  • Foot Mask Remove Dead Skin, Cracked Heels, Calluses - Our foot peel mask is extremely effective at exfoliating and peeling away rough and dead skin to unveil brand new baby soft feet in 1-2 weeks! Buy the Moisturizing Foot Mask (B082LPZ9JQ) together, which can be used after peeling for daily foot care
  • Safe and Pain-Free Foot Peeling - Contains fruit acid, which will work to gently loosen the layers of dead skin. Slowly, they will detach from the healthy skin below. Once they have detached enough, they will begin to peel away. Begins on day 3-5 and ends on day 7-10, we recommend a daily foot soak 15-20 minutes for utmost results.
  • Wearable Sock Type Foot Peel Mask - Our foot mask designed to wrap your feet like socks, that allows the feet to absorb the essence in all directions. You can wear regular socks over the foot masks to keep the mask more closer to the skin, and to aid with walking.
  • Convenient In-home Foot Treatment - Foot peeling mask is a single, one-time use treatment for both feet (1 pack = 2 booties). Buy this 5 pack foot mask, save money but also you can share a unique experience with your spouse, a friend or a loved one. Fit women’s feet up to size 14 and men’s size 13.

Foot Peel Mask - 5 Pairs of Tea Tree Foot Mask - Removes Calluses,Dead and Dry Skin - Repairs Rough Heels, Foot Peeling Mask for Women and Men
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Product Highlights
  • ✔Baby Soft Smooth Feet: Our lavender rose exfoliating foot peeling mask provides a treatment to remove hardened, dead,callused skin to make your foot skin soft and tender like baby in 1-2 weeks!
  • ✔Natural Botanical Extracts: Natural botanical extracts, and foot-centric nutrients gently penetrate into the old layers of skin to break down the rough and coarse dead skin layers in a painless and safe way This also provides you with nourishment to protect your newly exfoliated feet.
  • ✔Aging Resistance: Our foot mask can effectively improve dry, rough, crack foot skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, thus improve skin vitality, and nourish the skin, especially during the dry season.
  • ✔Comfortable and Easy Use: Wear the foot mask just like normal socks for recommended time, Several days after the foot peel mask application, the dead skin layers will start peeling away to reveal radiant and plump skin underneath without any pain or discomfort.

Baby Foot - Original Exfoliation Foot Peel - 1 Hour Treatment - Lavender Scented Pair
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11,627 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • QUALITY SINCE 1997 - The ORIGINAL Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel contains 16 natural extracts. Each box contains 1 pair (2 booties), one for each foot.
  • SMOOTH SOLUTION - Suffer from dry, cracked feet? Then you want the best treatment there is. Baby Foot restores your feet to the smooth, soft feet you once had.
  • EASY TO USE - A simple three-step process where you: apply, leave on for 1 hour and then wash away. Dead skin will begin to peel 5-7 days after application. In as little as a week you can achieve baby soft feet!
  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE - Enjoy A Spa Experience at home; No scrubbing, no pain, just sit back, relax, and get flawless feet with Baby Foot. The perfect DIY solution for feet!

Epielle Hydrating & Moisturizing Gloves & Socks Masks Combo 12pk for Hand and Foot - Dry hand, Dry cracked heel |Coconut Oil, Milk Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado oil, Vitamin E
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Product Highlights
  • epielle Moisturizing Gloves and Socks are for a calming moment of pleasure and relaxation while moisturizing, softening and soothing weekend dry and rough hands and feet..
  • Moisturizes, softens, soothes and rejuvenates dry, cracked and rough skin.
  • Loaded with intensive fortifying emulsion to strengthen nails, moisturize hands/feet & softens cuticles and rough heels.
  • Gel infused with essential oils to hydrate and soften skin.

Aveeno Repairing CICA Foot Mask with Prebiotic Oat and Shea Butter, Moisturizing Foot Mask for Extra Dry Skin, 1 Pair of Single-Use Slippers (Pack of 5)
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Product Highlights
  • Indulge your feet in the latest addition to the Aveeno Skin Relief collection, the easy-to-use and non-drip Aveeno Repairing CICA Foot Masks with shea butter and oat
  • Moisturizing slippers are designed to help restore essential moisture to extra-dry skin, leaving your skin visibly soft, smooth, and healthy looking
  • Foot masks are infused with a unique formula that helps balance skin's natural moisture barrier, containing shea butter with levels of prebiotic oat known to have soothing and nourishing properties
  • CICA comes from the French word "cicatrisation." Aveeno Repairing CICA Foot Masks is formulated to intensely moisturize and repair extra dry skin

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Foot Peel Mask 5 Pack, Lavender Exfoliating Foot Masks, Natural Exfoliator for Dry Dead Skin, Callus, Repair Rough Heels for Men Women
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Foot Peel Mask – 2 Pack of Peeling Booties – Natural Foot Care Exfoliating Treatment Repairs Cracked Heels, Calluses & Removes Dead, Dry Skin for Baby Soft Touch Feet
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2,783 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATION FOOT PEEL MASK – with millions of online video views, our foot peel mask is famous in the foot care market and people are amazed at the fantastic results.
  • 2-PACK FOOT PEEL MASK WITH PROVEN RESULTS – restore your callused and dry feet with our nourishing, deeply penetrating foot mask. Formulated with a unique blend of botanical extracts and other wholesome ingredients, this foot peel acts as an effective peel for your feet, removing dead skin and repairing cracked heels.
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED – all ingredients in this scientific blend are safe to use on your skin. Botanical ingredients derived from nature include: apple, lemon and aloe vera. All of these are kind and gentle to your skin, while also being a powerful and effective cracked heel & callus treatment and peel for dead, flaky skin on your feet.
  • EASY TO USE FOOT PEELING MASK – our foot peels for women and men (fits up to size 11 men) are super easy to use and we have included two pairs in your purchase for your benefit. Watch as your feet start to peel within 7-14 days, leaving you with super smooth, soft, callus free feet!

$39.95 $24.95

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