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STKR Concepts 00-246 Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor Aid, Dark Gray
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791 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • 2020 upgraded version - Improved battery life
  • Easy install - Quick Set Up
  • Safely and accurately park your car in tight garage spaces
  • Uses ultrasonic, range-finding technology

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MAXSA 37312 Park Right Dual Laser Parking Guide, Silver
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2,324 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Park Right Dual Laser accommodates two cars to park and navigate tight garages with ease
  • Motion sensor detects movement up to 10 feet away
  • Two adjustable laser beams tell you where to stop to park perfectly, every time
  • Easy installation with either included screws or double stick tape, AC powered, requires no wiring, and optional backup battery (3 AA batteries not included)

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GoodChief Universal Garage Laser Line Parking Assist – an Innovative Way to Easily Park and Guide with Dual Laser Lines Projected on Your Vehicle. Find The Difference on Our Video
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73 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • EFFECTIVE - Please view the video below. Two highly-visible 5mW laser LINES with the maximum FDA allowed laser power for all parking devices. Unique patterns project onto your vehicles and will mark your location relative to the parking space every second. Incredibly easy to guide your vehicle. Perfect for parking and guiding the vehicle through a narrow space like a garage door.
  • EASY TO USE - It's simple! Just open the garage and park when the laser beam reaches the reference point. Powered by garage door opener or outlet. Extremely reliable with no battery or motion sensor.
  • PERFECT FOR TWO OR ONE CARS – With two long-lasting lasers that can be over 90 degree split, the widest open among all laser parking devices, and extra long 15 ft wire this device can easily be configured for simultaneously parking two cars or guiding one car into a garage.
  • CREATED IN USA - Engineered in USA. All parking assist plastic parts are made with durable PET in Michigan, and assembled in the USA!

Fosmon, Wider Angle Upgrade, Dual Laser Garage Parking Assist Guide System, 360-degree Adjustable Parking Sensor with AC Adapter and Battery Backup for Car/Automotive
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Product Highlights
  • [New Wider Angle Upgrade] This updated product from Fosmon is perfect for a one or two car garage. The angle of the two lasers is widened up to 95 degrees, which can safely and efficiently assistant two cars.
  • [Park Correctly and Easily Every Time] Do you have trouble about parking in a garage? Are you often too close to the side, too far forward, or too far back? Fosmon's dual laser parking assistant will allow you to park in the correct spot every time. With its simple installation and setup, the garage parking aid will be ready to use in minutes. No more busted bumpers and doors.
  • [Motion Activated Laser] The motion activated lasers have a detection range of 33 feet/10 meters, and will shut off after 30 seconds without motion.
  • [Provides Individual Laser Control] The garage parking aid allows for individual laser control for use with one parking stall or two. Simply toggle the button located on the side of the unit to switch between one or two lasers. The lasers have a 360-degree adjustment, ensuring that no matter the vehicle or parking spot size, the laser will be able to hit the mark each and every time.

Garage Parking Assistant - Park your vehicle precisely and consistently. Large Digital Display to show the distance from the wall - No more scratched bumper !
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Product Highlights
  • -> It does not know about size of your garage and car or truck. It only shows the distance and you decide what number you want to park at. Stop your vehicle at the same number every time for consistent parking.
  • -> No more dangerous lasers or hanging balls.
  • -> The displayed distance is Maximum 99 inches and tolerance is +/- 1 inch.
  • -> This product may not be suitable for the tight space garage where the vehicle needs to be parked less than 2 inches from the wall.

Zone Tech Garage Parking Assist Dual Laser Guide - Premium Quality High-Tech Professional 360 –Degree Adjustable To Wider Angles, Right Parking Dual Laser Guide Sensor for Car SUV/Automotive
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Product Highlights
  • ► MOTION ACTIVATED - The Zone Tech laser guide can detect movements up to 10 meters away. The laser automatically turns when you enter the garage and shuts off after 30 seconds of idle motion.
  • ► CONVENIENCE - The Zone Tech laser guide conveniently guides your car to park with ease. Drive forward in to your garage until the laser beams align with your vehicle. This allows you to park perfectly on the spot every time.
  • ► DUAL LASER - The Zone Tech laser guide is equipped with two lasers of which can accomodate also two cars. Perfect for two-car garages. The two lasers can be widened up to 95 degrees. This helps to navigate tight garages with ease.
  • ► INDIVIDUAL LASER CONTROL - The Zone Tech laser guide provides individal laser control on each of the two lasers. Just flip the button on the side of the unit to switch between the two lasers. Each laser has a 360 degree adjustment to ensure the laser will hit the mark every time no matter the size of the parking space.

Cobra Tuning LED Stop Sign Parking Assistant for Garage with Flashing Signal
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Product Highlights
  • ✓Perfect for tight spaces like your garage and driveway – The Flashing LED Stop Sign Aid Parking in a low light situation to prevent you from hitting your vehicle against Dents, Objects, and Scratches.
  • ✓It has 2 X Alternative Flashing Eye-Catching Internal LED Light
  • ✓It comes with 4 Sections which include; 2 Portable weighted bases that can be fixed together, flexible rod, flashing led light on. 2 AG-13 button-cell batteries (included).
  • ✓Adjustable Pole for You Customize And It's Easy To Assemble

OxGord Laser Garage Parking Sensor Assist - Wireless for Garage Stop Auto Park Guide Safety Aid
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156 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • MOTION ACTIVATED: Laser turns on when you enter the garage and turns off once you park.
  • LASER GUIDED: Pull Into your garage and drive forward until the laser beam aligns with the predetermined area on your vehicle. This indicates it’s time to stop and put your automobile in park.
  • ACCIDENT PREVENTION: Avert damage to your car, truck, van, SUV, & garage.
  • FEATURES: Package comes complete with a laser sensor, mounting bracket, screws, double sided sticky tape, and AC adapter.

Andalus Brands Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage Parking Assistant System | Bumper Sensor,Red (1 Pack)
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Product Highlights
  • Each sign comes with base, poles, connectors, and 2 button cell batteries.
  • Flashing LED's signal when you car bumper has touched the pole
  • Height adjustable up to 4 feet, and weighted non-slip base for extra stability.
  • Smart Parking LED Garage Flashing Warning Stop Sign - Bumper Sensor.

PARKING TARGET HD24: Heavy Duty ParkingTarget - Parking Aid Protects Car and Garage Walls - Easy to Install – Peel n Stick - Only 1 Needed per Vehicle – Engineered to Outlast your Vehicle - Great Gift
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Product Highlights
  • Only ONE Needed per Vehicle - One Per Box, Listing for One, GREAT GIFT
  • Tape Strip Included - Attached: Mom & Dad and USA Decals Included
  • Peel-&-Stick Parking Aid, Easy to Install, Helps Save Space
  • "Same Place" Garage Parking, Every Time! - Simple & Easy


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