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COMOWARE Step Drill Bit - Titanium Coated, Double Cutting Blades, High Speed Steel, Short Length Drill Bit, Total 10 Sizes
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Product Highlights
  • HSS Titanium Coating - High speed steel along with titanium coating ensures outstanding durability and sharpness, can reduces the friction, runs cooler.
  • Meet Your Demands - With the step drill bits we offered, you can process different kinds of diameter holes, which greatly saves you a lot of trouble.Great for steel sheets/ aluminum sheets/ copper/ plastic/ wood board and many other types of sheet metal with ease countersunk. Suitable for Home DIY, and General Building/ Engineering Use.
  • Design - The split point tip is at 118 degrees to increase the wear resistance. The two flute design provides a smoother cutting, allows the material particles escape easily for a much more clean drilling operation.
  • Safety and Stability- The 3 flat shank is better clamped on the pistol drill to prevent slippage and shedding during the rotation.

CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case
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Product Highlights
  • Cobalt high speed steel along with the titanium coating ensures extreme durability, will stay new and shiny for years to come.
  • Different sized shanks ensure compatibility with 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 in. chuck sizes.
  • Non-walking drill tip provides fast and smooth drills on steel sheets, aluminum sheets, wood board, plastic board etc. (the board must be smaller in thickness than the height of step drill bits).
  • Please mark the spot that you are to drill for easier drilling and improved drill bits life.

IVY Classic 09021 11-Hole Enlarging Step Drill Bit, 3/4-1-3/8-Inch, 1/16-Inch Increments, 1/Card
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Product Highlights
  • M2 high-speed steel drills produce perfectly round, burr-free holes. Precision ground with a bright finish, Premium Swift Bore (Registered Trademark)
  • For drilling metal, wood and plastic in up to 1/8-inch thick material. Sizes laser-etched on bit for easy hole size identification
  • 1/2-inch Tri-lobe shank won't slip in the drill chuck and the cone shape of the bit adds strength preventing bit flexing while drilling
  • For hole enlarging (requires pilot hole). Ideal for 1-inch conduit and tubing

Step Drill Bit Set & Automatic Center Punch 5pcs HSS Cobalt Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, Multiple Hole 50 Sizes High Speed Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case
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Product Highlights
  • 50 SIZES IN 5 PIECES STEP DRILL BITS: The bits set includes five standard step drill bits that can replace 50 individual drill bits and process 50 different kinds of diameter holes, compatibility with 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 in. chuck sizes.
  • 135 DEGREE SPLIT POINT AND TWO-FLUTE DESIGN:The drill bit point is designed as X-shape with 135 degree, which can prevent the drill slipping while working in high speed. With two-flute design, provides a faster and smoother cutting.
  • TITANIUM COATING: The Titanium coating resists the drill bits from corrosion and rust, deduces friction making it easily to do multiple drills on surfaces such as plastic, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and other types of sheet metal.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND WIDELY USE: The step drill bits are make by high speed steel, strong and durable can used for stainless steel sheet, aluminum alloy, plastic material and wood.

Irwin Industrial Tools 10220CB Unibit 1/16-Inch Hole Enlarging 8-Steps Cobalt Step Drill Bit
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Product Highlights
  • Manufacturer: Irwin Unibit
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Power Cutting & Sawing

Irwin 15221 Unibit21T Titanium Nitrate Coated 13/16-Inch to 1-3/8-Inch by 1/2-Inch Shank Hole Enlarging Step Drill Bit
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Product Highlights
  • Ideal for drilling holes into thin materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic and laminates
  • Single-flute cutting edge for greater control through steps
  • 3 faltted shank prevents slipping in drill chuck
  • Pilot Hole Required

CO-Z Cobalt Added M35 Step Drill Bit, Spiral Step Drill Bit, Unibit Drill Bit for Cutting Drilling Holes On Stainless Steel, Steel, Metal Sheet, Multiple Hole Stepped Up Bit for Professionals
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Product Highlights
  • Durable & Sturdy W/Cobalt Added ----- Solid M35 molybdenum high speed construction with cobalt added for extra durability, close to impossible to snap compared conventional drill bits, the unique 3-sided shank prevents slip in drill chuck and reduces shocks; oiling the bits recommended before every use to maximize the service life.
  • Jam-Free Performance ----- Dual-flute design and three-sided shank design is optimized for cordless drills in high speed provides greater speed and control while minimizing steel scurf flying around, to lengthen service life, please do not set drilling speed at its maximum to avoid damage to the cutting edge.
  • One Bit for All ----- Every bit comes with 10 sizes so you can drill up to 10 holes with different diameters, saving you time and efforts to change bits, every package comes with 5 bits, that makes it 50 diameters in total.
  • Universal Compatibility ----- Designed for drilling on steel sheets up to 0.08 in., acrylic, PVC and wooden boards up to 0.2 in.; marked with obvious marks for easy and precise hole drilling, compatible with drills 1/4”,3/8”,1/2”

CO-Z Large HSS Spiral Groove Step Drill Bit, 12 Sizes Titanium High Speed Steel 1/4' to 2-3/8' Drill Bit for Sheet Aluminium Metal Wood Hole Drilling, Big Multiple Hole Stepped Up Bit for DIY Lovers
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Product Highlights
  • The step drill bit is made from upgraded high speed steel characterized by well-balanced toughness, wear resistance and red hardness properties for better and faster hole -drilling performance. The titanium coating makes the drill bit more durable so that it can last for years with uncompromised quality.
  • The dual-flute design prevents metal fillings from flying around and clears chips faster thus it can drill more smoothly without heating up.
  • The rapid strike tip drills twice as fast as the average step drills and can drill acrylic, PVC, wood, aluminum and iron sheets up to 0.2’’ in thickness.
  • Our drill bit is bigger in size so it can drill holes with larger dimensions.

OCGIG 6-65mm Large Titanium Coated Step Drill HSS Spiral Groove Cone Drill Bit Hole Cutter
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Product Highlights
  • Material::High Speed Steel(HSS) with Titanium Coated
  • Self starting:no need for a pilot hole.Cobalt coated to reduce friction and run at cooler temperature.
  • Spiral Design:3 Flute spiral blade design makes the cutting faster and smoother, and automatically deburred from the hole when the drill bit is drilled
  • Application:Suitable to cut holes in a variety of material like iron plate, aluminum plate, insulation boards, PVC sheet, ect

CO-Z HSS 5PCS Titanium Step Drill Bit Set with Automatic Center Punch, 50 Sizes in 5 High Speed Steel Drill Bits Set for Sheet Metal with Aluminum Case, Multiple Hole Stepped Up Bits for DIY Lovers
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Product Highlights
  • HSS Steel Construction ----- High-speed steel construction for longer cutting edge life even at extreme temperatures.
  • Titanium Coating ----- Coated by titanium, this step drill set performs well in heat, corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Automatic Center Punch ----- Delivers an automatic, high-impact, spring-loaded strike when pressed against surface, adjustable cap regulates striking force.
  • 50 Size In 5 ----- The bits set includes five standard step drill bits that can replace 50 individual drill bits.


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