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Scala 240pcs C Curl 10D/20D Cluster Eyelashes Mixed, 0.07mm /0.10 mm Mixed,8/9/10/11/12mm,10/11/12/13/14mm,12/13/14/15/16mm and Under Eyelashes Mixed Professional M (8/9/10/11/12mm and Under Eyelashe)
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  • 10 roots,thickness 0.10mm , C Curl ,8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm and under eyelashes.
  • 20 roots,thickness 0.07mm , C Curl,8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm and under eyelashes.
  • 10 Roots+20 Roots Mixed,Contains length:10 roots 8/9/10/11/12mm and Under Eyelashes +20 roots 8/9/10/11/12mm and Under Eyelashes Mixed.
  • 12 rows,240pcs

Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm D Curl 8-15mm Mixed Flat Eyelash Extension supplies Light Lashes Matte Individual Eyelashes Salon Use Black Mink False Lashes Mink Lashes Extensions(D-0.15-MIXED)
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  • 1.Eyelash Extension Flat lashes have a slightly oval shape, rather than being rounded, Flat lashes are a great option for those clients who are hoping for a dramatic look, but don't quite have the natural lashes to hold conventional extensions.
  • 2.The EllIPSE-SHAPED and inside HOLLOW let it 47% lighter than the average eyelash extension with improved comfort and longevity.
  • 3.In addition to providing increased attachment surface area for adhesion, the flatter ellipse-shaped base also fills and corrects the appearance of gaps between natural eyelashes, creating a unique eyeliner effect and the illusion of a fuller natural lash line.
  • 4.Matte Deep Black Finish Make More Thickner Look With Special Light Weight.Softer Frame Line and texture due to its split tip .

$19.98 $7.90
Scala 20 Roots 0.07mm Thickness 8mm/9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/14mm/16mm Hot Sale Grafting false eyelashes False Eyelashes Individual Natural Long Mink Fake Eyelashes Extension Handmade (16mm)
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Product Highlights
  • Wholesale, large quantities to buy false eyelashes please contact us.Thank you.
  • High quality lashes, soft, silky and glossy.Can be removed by eye makeup remover.
  • Simple to use and comfortable to wear!
  • Features: Eye Lashes Extension, Individual Eyelash Cluster

Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes , Short, 56 Count
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Product Highlights
  • This lashes are perfect for enhancing your eyes for an everyday look
  • These are the most popular lashes as they give the desired, natural look of full beautiful lashes
  • This bold and sparkling lash styles are reusable

Volume Eyelash Extensions Thickness 0.07 D Curl 8-15mm Mix Premade Fans 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 20D Easy Fan Lash Self Fanning|Optinal Thickness 0.05/0.07/0.10/0.12 C/D Curl Single 8-18mm Mix 8-15mm|
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Product Highlights
  • Specifications: Quewel premade fans volume eyelash extensions 12 rows.Curl:D;Thickness:0.07mm;Length:mix 8-15mm,details:8mm*1 line/9mm*1 line/10mm*2 line/11mm*2 line/12mm*2 line/13mm*2 line/14mm*1 line/15mm*1 line.
  • Material:PBT from South Korea;Color:Matte Black Eyelashes Extension;The lashes are very soft as mink,it can make your eyes look more attractive.
  • New style of eyelash extension,easy fan cluster.Using with tweezers and professional glue,you can make any fans by yourself.For example,take 5 pieces with tweezers,you can make 5C/5D volume lash extensions.
  • It can increase density and graft time saves half.Premade Volume Lashes are fluffier, lighter, stronger, and softer to touch.From 0.05 to 0.12,the hardness is getting higher and higher.

LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions Individual Lashes 0.15mm C Curl 8-15mm Mink Eyelash Extension Supplies Classic Lash Extensions Professional
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Product Highlights
  • Soft and Light: LANKIZ individual eyelashes are made of A-Class silk materials, 100% handmade. Our single lashes are soft and lightweight, suitable for professional salon artists and DIY at home.
  • Easy to Use: Mink lashes individual are easily removed from the strip without glue leaves. The strips are easily to be picked up from the tray as well. No residual, no stick, no kink.
  • Natural Look: C curl lash extensions are slightly curlier than our real lashes, it shows your lashes natural. D curl individual lashes are curlier than C curl, it makes you more charming.
  • Stable Curl: Our individual eyelash extensions have been double heated during manufacturing to keep its perfect curl, not easy to deform with proper care. Long time retention and waterproof.

$10.99 $9.88
Ardell Multipack Knot-Free Flares Individuals Medium Black
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Product Highlights
  • Knot free
  • Natural looking
  • Value pack
  • 112 individual flares

Scala 120pcs 0.10mm Thickness Handmade Fish Tail False Lahses Thick Natural Long Black Individual False Eyelashes Fake Eye Lashes Extensions Makeup Tool (14mm)
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  • 12 roots
  • 120pcs
  • Thickness:0.10mm
  • C Curl

12rows,120pcs 10D Premade Volume Fans Eye Lashes Extensions Thickness 0.07mm D Curl Black Soft Individual False Eyelashes Makeup Fake Lashes Cluster 8-16mm to Choose (16MM)
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Product Highlights
  • Wholesale,Can be customized. Need to buy the false eyelashes in bulk,please contact us.Thank you.Our company specializes in producing false eyelashes, we have our own eyelash brand, our false eyelash materials are handmade,quality can be guaranteed!
  • Our lashes are closest to nature eyelashes,very soft and light,comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to apply and remove ,they can be removed by eye makeup remover.
  • Easy to pick it off from the boxes,no spilt.

Eyelash Extension Supplies 0.15 D Curl Length Mix-8-14mm Best Soft |Optinal Thickness 0.03/0.05/0.07/0.10/0.15/0.20 C/D Curl Single 6-18mm Mix 8-14mm|
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Product Highlights
  • ❤Product specifications: Thickness 0.15mm curl D ,Length MIX8-14mm,12 Rows / tray, Use carefuAlly selected Korean black PBT (Shin-Rong), 100% manual eyelash extension, hypoallergenic, no cruelty.
  • ❤Features:The thinnest thickness of the eyelash products, the lightest weight, especially soft, round hair, is extremely demanding for the technique of the grafting artist and the use of the tweezers.
  • ❤We are QUEWEL eyelash manufacturers, we try to provide the most complete eyelash products here
  • ❤Added curvature baking technology to make eyelashes last longer to have the flexibility resembling a natural lash yet the structure to withstand normal wear and tear while holding the perfect curl.


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