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  • ✔️ STRONG, LONG-LASTING ADHESION: Our transparent, clear Wig Glue adheres toupees and wigs onto your head naturally just like magic. With a strong adhesion and a tendency to fight against humidity, our Wig Glue will fix your hairpiece steady as it is sweatproof & waterproof. On top of that, it flexibly adapts to the natural movements of the scalp, so you won't feel any discomfort at all. Plus, it helps your hair piece stay put on your head for as long as 10-15 days!
  • ✔️ 100% ODOR-FREE: Don’t you just hate how icky and foul the average wig glue smells? Imagine how miserable it’d be if you had to be stuck with such a foul scent for hours. Gives you a headache just thinking about it, right? We know how annoying that could be, so we formulated our Wig Glue to be COMPLETELY ODORLESS AND TOXIN-FREE, just for you. So frown no more even with your crepe hair all over your head!
  • ✔️ SKIN-FRIENDLY AND SAFE: Worried that our wig glue might be harmful for your skin? Nope, not ours. We assure you that our formula is 100% safe for anyone to use. Formulated with skin-friendly and safe ingredients like flexible polyurethane prepolymer, our wig glue is completely free of any VOC’s and other toxic chemicals. No alcohol, benzene and toluene: No irritation. So rest assured and feel free to use our wig glue on your skin and scalp.
  • ✔️ EASY APPLICATION: No heat? No problem! Our Wig Glue is super easy to use, so no need for any heat or tools. Just use your fingers gently to apply this clear gel on your scalp. After your hairpiece is fixed, just wipe off the extra residue with a wet towel and you’re good to go. Total piece of cake even for first timers and perfect for special occasions like Halloween, costume parties, and cosplay events.

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Vanish Wig Glue Transparent Lace Wig Adhesive for Hair Replacement and Toupee System | Lace Front Glue Waterproof Super Hold 1.03 Fl. Oz.
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Product Highlights
  • Toupee or not toupee? Back in the days when bald was not in and toupee for men was not in fashion, men used to dread wig and hair replacement alternatives that look fake and unnatural. Now you can wear any pelucas de cabello naturally with Vanish hair glue and be worry-free!
  • Be bold and invisible. Women, slay it with any hairstyle. Use extensions, ponytail wig, a bun, etc. Vanish uses a special formula making glue that blends with the scalp for a natural-looking hairline. A transparent lace wig adhesive ideal for any toupee kit. So good you can't see it. Apply it and see it vanish! So don't dread the dread locks. Wear hair the way you like it.
  • Active grip for all day control. Go about your day without worry. Vanish waterproof wig glue for front lace wigs has a wig grip that helps your hair piece stay in place using a special hair bonding glue that works with light pressure control, making wig or human hair replacement stick to the skin and scalp. This super grip glue holds your hair in place while you go places and do your stuff, worry-free!
  • A super bond for all types of weave and sticky situations. Vanish Wig Glue helps prevent your lace front wig from falling off, lifting or sliding. Unlike other cheap wig adhesive products that may form into liquid gel when exposed to heat or water, our poly or lace wig glue is specially formulated to avoid sticky situations caused by sweaty or oily scalp and humidity. Works well without a pressing comb, wig tape and other wig accessories. Just don’t try to go deep sea diving!

Glamorise womens Full Figure Wonderwire Front Close Stretch Lace Bra #9245, Black, 44C
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Product Highlights
  • Low-cut bra featuring stretch lace cups with scalloped trims and seamless appearance
  • Flexible fit with front closure
  • Wonderwire never touches your body

$44.99 $35.00
Glued Wig Glue | Hair Replacement Adhesive | Invisible Wig Glue for Front Lace Wig Waterproof
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Product Highlights
  • Hair Is A Woman's Crowning Glory. But hanging on to a lace front wig or ponytail wig while jumping and running around can be a challenge - it's hard to keep the crown in place. Glued Wig Glue helps your hair piece stay glued and still maintain an active lifestyle. It's a super adhesive glue that works for all types of wigs, no matter what size, shape and length. Fake it..flaunt it!
  • Synthetic hair products such as a toupee for men used to look awkward and tacky. With our specially formulated transparent lace wig adhesive glue, men can now wear hair replacements as natural-looking as hair extension for women. No freeze spray or cap needed to tie down your lace front wig. This lace wig glue has a bold hold that keeps everything in place. Wear a toupee worry-free.
  • Rock out your lace wigs with transparent lace wig hair glue. The lace glue appears to melt and blend in with the scalp to showcase hair bonding glue tint that matches your skin tone, achieving that natural-looking hairline and scalp. Have edge control for black hair. Let them see through and behold the confidently beautiful you.
  • It's no fun with a sticky bun! Don't get caught with a lopsided bun or a misplaced ponytail. Other cheap lace front wigs adhesive can become gooey, causing hair pieces or extensions to slide. When applied correctly, Glued lace front wig glue does not leave a sticky greasy residue. As you apply each layer of lace front glue, make sure that the previous layer has completely dried out. This ensures that the lace glue for wigs is transparent and almost see-through.

[BMB] Super Lace Glue for Lace Front Wigs Super Hold 3.4 oz
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CLING Edge Safe Nontoxic Glue for Lace Front, Wig, Toupee, Weave Hair Closures | CLING has a bold hold on frontals and water resistant | Extreme Ultra Proof Bond Dries to ghost like Invisibility
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Product Highlights
  • CLING MOISTURE RESISTANT - Special non toxic polymer glue bonds and holds your front lace / wig / frontal / toupee / weave / hairpiece / hair extensions against your scalp with max number of micro bonding glued sealer particles and is completely water / moisture / humidity resistant
  • EDGESAFE - Even though CLING adhesive's ultra bond has a bold hold and best bonding power, it comes off easily with the use of our Uncling remover solvent product. So it will slide off ONLY when you're ready and it is completely edge safe!
  • VERY STRONG HOLD - Best Salon Quality Cling Adhesive provides professional bond control that holds like no other. Top quality poly provides lab extreme super holding powers far greater than other product systems including natural, latex, cream, electric, tape and other skin based systems. Control the strength of the hold by applying additional layers.
  • DRIES CLEAR - Cling by HerImports will drying to a completely invisible finish, it disappears like a ghost.

Wig glue Adhesive for Lace Front Wig and Toupee
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Product Highlights
  • Toupee Glue / Wig Glue is Water Proof Adhesive holds thru sweat, water, and an oily scalp.
  • Great and dependable multi purpose bonding water proof hairpiece adhesive. Works with lace and polyurethane bases. The 0.5 oz bottle has a built-in brush on applicator.
  • BEST Adhesive for hot, humid temperatures. Specially formulated wig glue for oily skin, but will work with ALL skin types
  • SUPER EASY CLEANUP: The solvent based water proof adhesive goes on Clear and dries clear

KISS All Mighty Bond Lace Front Wig Glue 32mL (1.1 fl OZ)- Instant Drying, Seamless Finish, Insanely Strong- KAMB01 (Adhesive)
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Product Highlights
  • Instant drying, layers will take 20 seconds or less to fully dry
  • Super Strong that will not cause lifting between wear
  • Creamy texture to seamlessly glide during application
  • No odor and safe for sensitive skin

Lace Front Glue, Scalp Protector, Walker C22 Wig Adhesive Remover - Best Hairpiece Supply Kit For Wigs, Extensions, Toupees, and Hair Systems - Skin Safe - no Side Effects
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Product Highlights
  • WIG GLUE - Never fear accidentally losing your wig or toupee in public again. Multipurpose clear water proof hairpiece adhesive that holds thru sweat, water, and an oily scalp. Works with lace and polyurethane bases. The 0.5 oz bottle includes built-in brush on applicator.
  • WALKER SCALP PROTECTOR - Ideal for a person with sensitive skin or prone to break-outs. It also helps improve adhesion for hot/humid weather wear, people with oily skin, sports activities that increase sweating as well as for swimming. prevent irritation from tape and adhesives. (1.4 FL OZ)
  • C-22 SOLVENT - Walker C-22 Citrus-Based Solvent is a fast acting, skin safe adhesive remover and cleaner for use on scalp, hair systems, toupees and wigs; both lace and polyurethane. C-22 is a quick and effective solvent for removing soft bond adhesives and tape residue from scalp, wig and hair system. C-22 has a strong, citrus scent; is gentle on skin and rinses off with soap and water. (4 FL OZ)
  • EYEBROW STENCILS - If you have great hair, you want to also rock your eyebrows. Three Queenie Eyebrow Stencils included!

Lace Front Wigs Glue Systems 0.5 Oz Safe Nontoxic Glue Waterproof Invisible Bonding Super Strong Adhesive Hold for Hair Closure, Hairpiece, Wig, Men Toupee Systems
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Product Highlights
  • Good performance: our product is specially designed for bonding hair replacement system to skin and scalp. It’s tested to ensure safety, high-quality and performance. Enhanced anti-humidity& oily scalps & heavy perspiration: specially formulated for high temperatures and humidity, heavy perspiration and oily scalps to give a reliable bond regardless of the conditions.
  • Invisible after application: safe for using on poly and lace wig and hair products, make your hairline have a natural look.
  • Extra firm hold: with this bond, there is no need to worry about your hair system moving or falling off due to skin oils or moisture. Your hair will looks and feels as natural as possible!
  • These Lace Wig adhesion are sticky and water proof, made with medical grade adhesive that is durable and strong.No latex, harsh solvents or toxic ingredients: designed for sensitive skin and scalp. Your skin MUST be clarified 3 times before application.


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