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hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock - Digital LED Clock with 6 Color Switch and FM Radio for Bedrooms - Multiple Nature Sounds Sunset Simulation & Touch Control - with Snooze Function for Heavy Sleepers
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Product Highlights
  • WAKE UP SUNRISE ALARM CLOCK - This alarm clock uses a warm LED light that gradually brightens 30 mins before the alarm time to gently wake you up. Features a Sleep timer with sunset simulation to gently dim the room and can also act as a night light
  • MODERN ALARM CLOCK for HEAVY SLEEPERS - Gradually waking up to light with your choice of nature-inspired sounds is a pleasant way to start your day. Features an easy to hit snooze button to pause the alarm and turn off the light and sound for 5 mins
  • DECORATIVE LED COLOR OPTIONS - With 8 colorful light options, this bedroom clock can double as table or bedside lamp during non-sleeping hours. Emitting vibrant colors like green, red, blue, purple or yellow it is perfect for a child’s alarm clock
  • NATURE SOUNDS and FM RADIO - Scroll through soothing nature-inspired sound options like birds, lullaby and ocean waves to wake you up. There’s also a throwback to the FM clock radio - just press radio button on clock top and touch (+) to set station

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Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock, 7 Colors Bedside Night Light with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation, Dual Alarms, Snooze Function, FM Radio Clock & 7 Natural Sounds, Ideal Gift for Kids/Adults
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Product Highlights
  • ⏰7 Colors Light & Natural Sounds for KidsThe 7 colored sunrise light is considerately designed with 20-level light adjustment, making it an ideal gift for your kids/friends/families as bedside light, night light, atmosphere lamp. With 7 natural sounds of 16-level volume adjustment, the sunrise alarm clock provides you with different sounds that suit you or your kids the most. It motivates your kids’ imagination & creativity greatly.
  • ⏰Intelligent Sunrise / Sunset SimulationSimply set your alarm time, the wake up light will gradually increase from 10% to 100%; the color of the wake up light changes from a gentle red to a bright sunlight. Before the bedtime, the light will gradually dim from 100% to 0% with music, it helps you sleep better. 97% of users found it easier and more comfortable to get up in the morning with this light alarm clock
  • ⏰Personalized Alarm SettingsUneasy to get up from your bed? Upgraded snooze function gives you an extra 9 minute sleep after your original alarm. 20 levels of brightness allows you to adjust the wake up light to the proper brightness at bed time. What makes you unexpected is that there is a USB charging port behind this alarm clock which can charge your phone or other devices
  • ⏰Dual Alarm Clock FunctionConsidering you may have different needs for the alarm, the upgraded sunrise alarm clock provides two sets of alarms -- One for you and the other for your spouse without affecting each other. And it supports two alarms at the same time, one for the working day and the other for the weekends

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LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine (Blush Pink)
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2,233 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • ☆ PATENTED, BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - A runaway crowdfunding success, MELLA has been featured in publications such as Mashable and Yanko Design for its numerous features and modern design. Who says children's products can't be beautiful too?
  • ☆ KEEP YOUR KID IN BED LONGER AND GET MORE SLEEP - MELLA uses colors and facial expressions to teach your kids when it's time for bed and time to wake up. Half an hour before it's time to wake up, MELLA will glow yellow, signaling it's almost time to start the day. When MELLA turns green, it's time to wake up!
  • ☆ ALL-IN-ONE SLEEP GADGET GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - MELLA also features three sleep sound options and five night light colors to soothe your child to sleep. MELLA also features three alarm sounds and both an alarm and silent countdown for timed activities for older children.
  • ☆ DURABLE AND SAFE CONSTRUCTION - Comprised of child safe ABS and silicone, MELLA is FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH and CPSIA approved.

TITIROBA Wake-Up Light, Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock, Digital LED Clock, Touch Control, 5 Natural Sounds, Adjustable Lightness for Kids and Adults, MY-10
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111 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • SUNRISE SIMULATING ALARM CLOCKsymptoms by simulating sunrise in order to help adjust body clock. It is also great if you have thick curtains blocking outside light and still need artificial light to wake you up!
  • WAKE UP WITH SUNRISE SIMULATIONAutomatic Lighting Controllers that turn lights on 30 minutes before the alarm go off. The intensity of the light increases gradually and reaches full intensity at the alarm time just like a natural dawn sunrise which assists you in getting up pleasantly and comfortably.
  • BEST WAY TO WAKE UPInstead of those sounding BEEP-BEEP-BEEP alarm clocks! There 5 natural sounds (Thrush singing, Kingfisher singing, Cuckoo singing, Waves and Thunderstorm) are available to be set as the alarm sound.12/24 hour (am/pm) capability.
  • EYE-CARE LIGHT WITH 3 LIGHT SETTINGSUse adjustable natural light(non flash or glare) to help brighten up work-from-home days .Lovely soft lighting with warm white glow is nice as a dim nightlight but also can bright enough for reading and craft work.

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Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, White
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1,826 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Clinically proven light therapy lamp and alarm clock for improving your sleep, energy, and well being
  • Only Philips wake up light alarm clocks are clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed; Light intensity 200 lux CAUTION: clock display cannot be dimmed completely
  • NOTE: Product uses AC power adapter (included)
  • Tap to snooze alarm clock with speaker and beep function ensure you wake up on time; Use the light therapy lamp as a bedside reading lamp with 10 brightness settings

$49.99 $40.58
Plumeet Digital Alarm Clocks Kids Clock Light Up All Night, 4'' LCD Display Showing Time Alarm Date - Bedside Clocks with Snooze for Bedroom Kitchen Office Battery Operated (Black)
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39 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • SMART NIGHT LIGHT -- Automatically give off soft blue light (25% brightness) in the dark to lift a comfortable night view. Time is clear to see at a glance but not affect sleep.(NOTE: sensor light cannot be turned off until the light is sufficiently bright). Manual press light button on the top you will get 5 seconds 100% brighter light.
  • LARGE DISPLAY -- 4 inches [Diagonal] LCD bold display easily visible at a glance. large screen showing time, alarm and date, only have 12hr display. great for the senior people or the sight-restricted people.
  • EASY TO OPERATE -- This kids clock has Intuitive control indicate a very simple to set even without instructions. snooze button is large enough for easy while in half sleeping. the compact streamline design matches for any decoration.
  • 8 MINUTE’S SNOOZE -- Alarm goes off a gradual crescendo beep for 60 seconds. Press the SNOOZE button after the wake-up alarm sounds, it will give you extra 8 minutes of sleep. (The alarm volume can't be manual adjusted)

CrazyFire Sunrise Alarm Clock,Wake up Light Alarm Clock with Temperature/Humidity Monitor,Snooze Function,10 Brightness,6 Color Switch,Kids Alarm Clock for Bedrooms,Party,Festival
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21 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Natural Light Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulation:10 minutes before alarm clock go off,led will emit yellow light.The light gradually change brightness from 0% to 100%,bringing you out of a deep sleep gently,giving you a fresh morning.It is a perfect alarm clock for kids and adults.
  • Snooze Function & 10 Adjustable Brightness & Night Light:The alarm clock is equipped with Snooze Function,allowing 5 extra minutes of sleep,which can be repeated to 5 time snooze.There are 10 adjustable brightness,it can be used as a bedside lamp for reading or relaxing at night
  • 6 Colors & 5 Alarm Sounds:The sunlight alarm clock features 6 colors light: warm yellow,red ,green,blue,cyan-blue,purple,choosing a loved color to beam your room.There are 5 Alarm Sounds:piano music,soft music,ocean waves,classical music,class bell,which let you wake up in the calling of nature.
  • Temperature Humidity Monitor:It is more than a normal alarm clock,the led can show you the humidity and temperature,supporting switch F/C, indoor measurement range: 0 °C(32 °F)~50 °C(122 °F/),outdoor indoor humidity display range: 10%RH~99%RH.It can helps you measures indoor humidity and indoor temperature in time,preventing colds,dry skin and mold.

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Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light
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4,354 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • The green light is a simple visual indicator that informs children when it's time to get up, instead of them waking up the whole family way too early!
  • Children quickly learn to go back to sleep or play quietly in their room until "green means go!"
  • Features a convenient nap timer and alarm clock with snooze
  • The clock also has fun animations to give it personality--children simply tap the "toe" buttons to see them!

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Alarm Clock for Bedrooms - 7 Color Night Light,2 USB Chargers, 7” Large LED Display with Slider Dimmer, 12/24 H,Battery Backup, Plug-in Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleeper,Teen,Elderly, Boys&Girls Kids
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488 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Vibrant and Attractive 7 Colored Night Lights & Big Snooze ButtonSimply Tap the Large NIGHT LIGHT button on top to switch 7 colors in turn including cobalt blue, Oyster White, Beige, Shocking Pink, Khaki, Emerald Green and Sky blue,perfectly as children's all night companion without turning on lamp.bigger snooze button than average with light facility is added bonus,to get extra 9 minutes sleep you can pause alarm very quickly by pressing SNOOZE button without opening eyes in the morning.
  • Super Large 7” LED Display & 0%-100% Full Range Brightness Dimmer Highly visible Time Readout on the display you can view from a far distance without putting your glasses on.especially for the Elders and kids,they can be relieved to instantly know what time it is now.multiple brightness levels allows you to have this in the bedroom and sleep without disturbing glare,simply push the Dimmer slider to adjust the brightness you prefer.
  • 12H & 24H Time Format & Intuitive Buttons for Easy Setup &Stick Up ALARM PAUSE ButtonWe get known some of Amercian Customers complained Average Clock only has 12 Hour format and can not ignore some of them are used to 24 Hour Time Format.this one is designed with a slider to switch 12H or 24H time format.each button is simple and intuitive for setup without annoying hold or repeat press.Simply press the stick up ALARM PAUSE button to turn off alarm by feel without opening eyes in the morning.
  • Adjustable Loud Alarm Volume for Heavy Sleepers & Battery Backup AlarmIt is able to wake up the heavey sleepers with loudest alarm volume equal to 80 DB.buzzer sound is soothing and relaxing instead of obnoxious harsing sounds.The beep alarm function starts slower and softer and then increases gradually until it reaches its maximum so you can wake up more gently.battery backup your alarm and triger an alarm even power outages and display goes black without worrying getting up late.

$39.99 $19.99
RCA Digital Alarm Clock - Large 1.4' LED Display with Brightness Control and Repeating Snooze, AC Powered –  Compact, Reliable, Easy to Use
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Product Highlights
  • 1.4 inch red LED display
  • Easy to use control buttons
  • Repeating snooze functionality; large, full-width button to easily prolong your wake-up
  • High/low display brightness control

$14.99 $6.02

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