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Costa Farms Clean Air 3-Pack O2 for You Live House Plant Collection, White Decor Planter
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Product Highlights
  • The Costa Farms Clean Air Plant Collection includes three plants from a grower’s choice assortment of small foliage plants. See image description of possible varieties that may be included; plants are selected by our expert growers based on seasonal availability.
  • The O2 for You Clean air Plant collection are the most efficient plants around to filter indoor pollutants, allowing us to breathe clean air in our homes and offices, according to NASA studies
  • Care varies from plant to plant, in general place the plants in a bright room and water weekly
  • Height at shipping is ranges from 10-15 Inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant

Brussel's Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree - 7 Years Old; 8' to 10' Tall with Decorative Container
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Product Highlights
  • CONTENTS: Bonsai, Decorative Container (Assorted Colors & Styles), Soil, Care Instructions.
  • SPECIES: In the ficus family, the Golden Gate variety is the best for growing indoors. The attractive gray trunk is thick and sturdy topped by small, dark green oval foliage.
  • AGE/SIZE/CARE: Your medium 7 year old bonsai will arrive at 8" to 10" tall in a 8" container and will perform best indoors (see detailed care instructions in images)
  • USES: Ideal Mother’s Day gift, office & cubicle décor or a centerpiece for any kitchen table, desktop, window plant or outdoor décor.

Costa Farms Golden Pothos Devil's Ivy Live Indoor Plant, 6-Inch
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Product Highlights
  • Golden Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Low maintenance vining plant, also drought tolerant, excellent indoor plant. Excellent for new plant parents. Tops NASA's list for air-purifying plant.
  • Water the golden pothos well, soaking the soil however make sure to drain all excess water. Pothos do not like soggy roots. Allow soil to dry out between watering. The pothos plant can grow in just about any room of your home, it will grow in low, medium, high light spaces.
  • Ships well rooted in a Costa Farms brand grower pot. Plant height at shipping ranges from 10 to 12-inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. Pothos is wonderfully versatile in the home: You can grow it in hanging baskets to trail down, let it climb a totem or trellis, or grow horizontally along a tabletop or mantle.
  • Nasa Proven studies: NASA studies show plants are earth's natural air-purifiers.

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant, Gift, 10-Inch Tall, White Planter
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Product Highlights
  • Is this a gift? Please choose "this is a gift" at check out to add a personalized message
  • The Aloe Vera plant is known for its cool gel inside of its thick, toothed leaves
  • These sun-lovers grow best in a sunny window. Drought tolerant, only needs water once every two to three weeks
  • Height at shipping is approximately 10 Inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant

Terrarium & Fairy Garden Plants - 8 Plants in 2.5 (Is Approximately 4 to 6 Inches Height of the Plant)
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Product Highlights
  • Terrarium plants the variety of the season
  • 8 plants in 2.5 pots (Is Approximately 4 to 6 Inches Height of the Plant)
  • Create your own terrarium it will take like 10-15 minutes.
  • Included instructions of caring

Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree, Live Indoor Plant, 3 to 4-Feet Tall, Ships with Décor Planter, Fresh From Our Farm, Excellent Gift or Home Décor
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Product Highlights
  • The Majesty Palm's lush, dark green foliage works well with most color schemes, and the palm's classic texture allows it to naturally fit in most home-decor styles
  • Use palms to break up a section of blank wall, to fill an empty corner, to soften the edges of windows or furniture, or act as a living sculpture at the end of a side table
  • Grows best near an East or West window. Water when the top couple inches of the soil are dry
  • Height at shipping is approximately 3-feet (36 Inches) tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant

Peace Lily Clean air Plant Friendship Foliage's Family Farm Quality Live Indoor Spathiphyllum (6' Pot, 14-18in Tall from Bottom of The Pot)
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Product Highlights
  • CANNOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA or ARIZONA due to state policies
  • Grown by family owned and operated nursery
  • Blooms year-round
  • Cleans, purifies, and removes toxins from the air

Funfolife Marble Plants Pots, 3 Packs Flower Pots for Live Plants Indoor, 3.2/4/5 Inches Succulent/Herb Garden Round Planters Pot
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Product Highlights
  • DRAINAGE HOLE: The marble plants pot come with drainage for succulents and small plants. The hole in the bottom to release and excess water, which is well known to be essential for succulent plant health.
  • DIMENSIONS: These indoor flower pots came in a pack of three, General Dimensions L: (5"W x 4.7"H); M: (4"W x 3.8"H); S (3.2"W x 3"H) These are adequate size and perfectly enhances indoor decorations.
  • DURABLE & GREAT GIFT OPTION: High quality cement material, It definitely will be an eye-catching indoor planter display at home in a combination of the plant and the artisan pot. This is a great gift option for family or friends
  • GREAT HOME/GARDEN DECORATION: These marble plant pots are a simple and classic design. These pots are a great addition to home plants family. they're really cute and add a very minimalistic aesthetic to the home.

Succulent Plants (5 Pack), Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil - Real Live Potted Succulents / Unique Indoor Cactus Decor by Plants for Pets
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Product Highlights
  • HAND SELECTED: Every pack of succulents we send is hand-picked. You will receive a unique collection of species that are FULLY ROOTED IN 2 INCH POTS, which will be similar to the product photos (see photo 2 for scale). Note that we rotate our nursery stock often, so the exact species we send changes every week.
  • THE EASIEST HOUSE PLANTS: More appealing than artificial plastic or fake faux plants, and care is a cinch. If you think you can't keep houseplants alive, you're wrong; our succulents don't require fertilizer and can be planted in a decorative pot of your choice within seconds.
  • DIY HOME DECOR: The possibilities are only limited by your imagination; display them in a plant holder, a wall mount, a geometric glass vase, or even in a live wreath. Because of their amazingly low care requirements, they can even make the perfect desk centerpiece for your office.
  • UNIQUE GIFTS: Everyone loves receiving succulents as a gift, from children to grandma and grandpa. Our succulents are sure to please as a wedding gift, a gift for mom or dad, or a gift for a favorite teacher.

Shop Succulents | Variety Collection | Hand Selected, Air Purifying Mixed Bundle of Live Indoor/Outdoor House Plant in 4' Grow Pot, 3-Pack
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Product Highlights
  • INCLUDED IN PURCHASE | (3) House Plants in 4" Grow Pot Each plant may vary from pictures shown as plants are hand selected based on season, size, health, and readiness
  • WATERING NEEDS | Water when soil is dry Overwatering may cause root rot
  • FERTILIZING NEEDS | Feed monthly to bi-monthly with any balanced all-purpose houseplant fertilizer Fertilize sparingly
  • SOIL | SUN | POTTING | Outdoors shade to partial shade Indoors bright but indirect light


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