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DIY Mold Test, Mold Testing Kit (3 tests). Lab Analysis and Expert Consultation included
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551 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Easy, Safe and Simple to use (quick start guide and full booklet included)
  • Get Peace of Mind and protect your family from harmful Mold and mycotoxins
  • Lab Fees and detailed report included in Price (except in Texas)
  • Expert Consultation to explain results and discuss inspection included

Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit, Grey Air Quality Monitor and Mold Detector 1 Pack
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120 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • MOLD ARMOR Do It Yourself Mold Test kit safely and easily tests for the presence of mold with visible results in as little as 48 hours
  • The Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit can be used for indoor or outdoor mold testing. Tests indoor air quality for unseen mold in the home
  • There are three testing methods: (1) Indoor Air Quality Test Method (2) Air Conditioning & Heating Sample Method (3) Surface Sampling Testing Method (when visible mold is present)
  • Each air quality tester and mold kit contains a petri dish, swab, and mold growth medium

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Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test
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379 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • As Seen on the Today Show. Detect Mold Spores & Allergens in Minutes. Even If You Can't See It. No Waiting for Labs.
  • Accurate and Safe! The only test that also detects spores and allergy-causing mold-particulates.
  • Easy-to-use. . . three quick steps. Test for mold yourself before you rent or buy.
  • Most sensitive test available. Patented technology from the U. S. PHS; Includes Expert Consultation

$44.99 $29.99
ImmunoLytics DIY Mold Test Kit for Home - Easy to Use Professional Mold Testing Kit - Individual Room Screening Package for 5 Rooms
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Product Highlights
  • TEST KIT: Each mold test kit contains detailed instructions, 5 test plates, stickers and labels, UV proof storage pouch for wrapping plates post-testing, return shipping box, and a Lab Analysis & Consultation Form. We offer online video tutorials showing you how to test your home and how to interpret your results.
  • RECOMMENDED AREAS: We recommend you test for mold in areas such as your attic, basement, bedrooms, car, kitchen, laundry room, den/great room and your office at home and work. Each test plate is sufficient for a 14 foot by 14 foot room or approximately 200 square feet.
  • TO TEST: Once you receive your home mold test kit, register your kit at Immunolytics.com/register. Then, follow the step by step instructions that are included in your test kit. Our test kit tests for mold, such as black mold, as well as yeast and all other molds associated with poor air quality.
  • SELF ANALYSIS: You may analyze your results at home via our Self-Analysis option. Visit Immunolytics.com/self-analyze to learn how to self-analyze. Wait 4 to 5 days for mold to develop. Analyze once visible.

First Alert MT1 Mold Detection Kit
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1,691 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Mold detection kit
  • Tests for and identifies various types of molds colonizing in the home or workplace
  • Tests up to 9 different locations; Mold analysis completed by NIOSH certified lab
  • Lab analysis of $15 per sample submitted will specify the type of mold growth

$12.43 $10.64
ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit (4 Plates/Rooms)
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Product Highlights
  • 4 test plates (for up to 4 rooms)
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy to use instructions + online video tutorial
  • Professional laboratory analysis w/online results available 24/7

Evviva Sciences Mold Test Kit for Home - 10 Simple Mold Detection Tests - Optional Lab Analysis - Test HVAC System, Room Air, Home Surfaces for Molds/Spores - Includes Detailed Mold ID Guide
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Product Highlights
  • EXCELLENT VALUE INCLUDING 10 SEPARATE TESTS: Our mold testing kit includes 10 agar petri dishes for mold growth, 10 cotton tipped swabs, detailed mold information guide about common household molds, and an optional lab analysis (extra fee)..
  • TEST ROOM AIR, YOUR HVAC SYSTEM, & ANY HOUSEHOLD SURFACE: Perform mold tests in 10 different parts of your home or office with our mold detector kit. Test your walls, shower, car, sink, HVAC system, room air, and other physical surfaces.
  • OPTIONAL DISCOUNT LAB ANALYSIS (EXTRA FEE REQUIRED) - Lab tests can be pricey--but with our test kit it doesn't have to be. Each purchase gives you an option to send samples to one of our partner labs at a discounted $40 per petri dish.
  • IDENTIFY MOLDS WITH OUR MOLD IDENTIFICATION GUIDE: If you don't want to spend the money for the lab test, our kit comes with a downloadable guide with multiple images and information on common household molds. Compare the mold on your petri dishes with the images in our guide to help make a positive identification!

ProLab Mold Test Kit For Home For Air And Surface Testing - Mold Test Kit Includes Expert Consultation, Pre-Paid Return Mailer, Emailed Mold Report $40 Fee Required For AIHA Lab Analysis. (MO109)
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229 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Safe and Easy to Use. Simple instructions inside.
  • The mold test kit allows you to collect Air, Surface or Bulk samples that can be sent to our AIHA Accredited Lab for one $40. 00 Lab Analysis Fee.
  • Pre-Paid First Class Return envelope included to send back mold samples to the Laboratory
  • Standard detailed Lab report within 7 working days via email or text through the PROLAB App

$12.99 $8.95
PRO-LAB DIY Mold Test Kit (3 Tests) Air, Surface, Bulk. AIHA Accredited Lab Analysis, Expert Consultation and Return Shipping Included
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Product Highlights
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • Lab fees and detailed report included in price
  • Express service available
  • Protect Your family from harmful mold and mycotoxins

$44.95 $39.99
DIY MoldCheck Mold Test Kit (10 Tests per Kit) Multiple air Sampling Tests, Simple Visual Comparison, Locate Mold Source, Easy to use, no lab fee
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38 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • A kit with multiple mold tests to locate and pinpoint the source of the mold. Conduct a simple visual comparison of all areas to find which has the most mold to doscover the real mold source without calling a contractor
  • No Lab Fee. This is a search-to-find-it mold investigation kit, not a mold identification kit
  • At $45.95 per kit of 10 tests, yields the most economical mold test kit at $4.99/test
  • Bright, easy to read comparisons of mold tests by color contrast and quantities per room


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