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Rockwool Grow Cubes (1.5 Inches) - Growing Medium Starter Sheets (30 Per Pack)
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Product Highlights
  • Inorganic & Sterile Growing Medium
  • A Superior Medium For Rooting Cuttings
  • Encourages Faster Initial Rooting & Its Firmness Is Guaranteed
  • Provides 20% Air Space When Saturated - Absorbs nutrient solution while retaining plenty of oxygen for rapid root growth!

TurboKlone 747436 Fan Plant-Germination-Equipment, Natural
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Product Highlights
  • Replacement Parts For The Turboklone Kloners
  • The Fan Shroud Assembly, Fan Shroud And Spray Jet Are Replacements For All Models
  • The Power Supply Is For The Turboklone Fans
  • Brand: Turboklone

XTIMES Plant Rooting Device Reusable Plant Rooting Box, 6PCS Assisted Cutting Rooting High Pressure Propagation Ball Garden Plant Rooter Asexual Reproduction Equipment for Garden Growing Breeding(M)
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Product Highlights
  • Material: XTIMES plant rooting grow boxes are made of quality PP plastic.High quality PP plastic is professional for plant breeding, give opportunities for cultivating a variety of plants
  • No Damage to Plant Root: The botany root controllers are created with a cutting globe design which helps your cuttings achieve stronger roots to reproduce a more mature plant faster than normal propagation methods; Provides no damage to the parent plant at all as it only uses a small branch on the plant you wish to clone, and it doesn't disturb the plant's natural growth
  • Secure Lock: Designed with stoppers and corner locks which interlock with each other and secure on the branch to hold the propagator in place even without a stem underneath.The automatic buckle is more convenient and disassembly is more flexible
  • Reusable: The plant rooting device are sturdy and durable enough to be reused over and over again so you can clone more plants according to your preferences

Integra Boost 748322 Humidity Indicating Cards (1= 10/Pack) Plant-Germination-Equipment, Natural
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Product Highlights
  • Integra Boost Humidity Indicating Cards Are An Inexpensive Way To Quantify Relative Humidity Levels Accurately
  • They Are Simple To Use, Allowing Instant Visual Verification Of Product Integrity
  • The Spots Turn From Pink To Blue To Indicate Humidity Levels
  • Brand: Integra Boost

Super Sprouter HGC726403 Deluxe Propagation Kit Includes 7' Ultra Humidity Dome, Double Thick 10' x 20' Tray, 18' T5 Grow Light & Booklet, Black/Clear
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Product Highlights
  • Super Sprouter Deluxe Propagation Kit provides a complete system for starting your seeds or cuttings
  • Just choose your favorite media and you are good to grow
  • Light is UL listed
  • Super Sprouter deluxe propagation kit

Fox Farm 733268 Big Bloom Plant Germination Equipment, 15 Gallon
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Product Highlights
  • FoxFarm's Big Bloom is a live culture of vitamins, amino acids, natural growth hormones, enzymes and beneficial organic microbes
  • It features: heavy duty definite purpose contactor, trigger cord set that activates your lights via an external wall timer and universal outlets that allow the use of 120 volt or 240 volt cord sets
  • The controller is housed in a rust, Dust and moisture proof enclosure
  • Big Bloom Liquid Fertilizer 0-0. 5-0. 7 : This special, micro-brewed formula incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano and other high test organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients. Norwegian kelp improves nutrient uptake and increases yields.

KLOX Biodegradable Seed Starter Kit Complete with Peat Pots, Peat Moss Trays & Gardening Tools for Seedling Starting Germination of Organic Vegetables, Greenhouse Plants, Seed Nursery & Flowers
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Product Highlights
  • Seed Starter Plant Pots & Trays – These biodegradable 3” peat moss pots & 10 cell peat moss trays are great for organic gardening.
  • One-For-All – This all-in-one seedling pots pack is ideal for kids, classrooms, beginners & savvy horticulture hobbyists alike.
  • No Transplant Shock – No more transplant shock to the seedlings as you can transplant them in the pots & trays directly into the garden.
  • Complete Kit – This biodegradable seedling pots kit comes with, peat pots, 10 cell seed germination trays, PVC growing trays, plant markers, dibbers & garden gloves.

10-Pack 1020 Garden Growing Trays Without Drain Holes - 10' x 20' Plastic Plant Trays No Holes - Wheatgrass Sprouting Tray, Microgreens Seed Tray, Hydroponic Trays, Nursery Flats, Greenhouse Supplies
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Product Highlights

$34.99 $26.46
Yield Lab 10 x 20 Inch Black Plastic Propagation Tray (10 Pack) – Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Horticulture Growing Equipment
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Product Highlights
  • START OFF RIGHT: Any gardening or growing project starts with the perfect germination tray, helping your plants establish a root system while reaping the benefits of a containerized environment.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Sturdy, durable plastic construction will last through many uses. Our reusable trays are an eco-friendly investment to cut down your costs and reduce waste.
  • SEED FLAT TRAY: Ideal for seed and cutting propagation, these thin wall cloning trays strike a perfect balance between lightweight ease of use and long-wearing durability.
  • MULTIPURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Professional grade tray measures 10” x 20.75” and accommodates 20 clones or seedlings. Compatible with hydroponic grow mats and micro-mats, and doubles as a drip tray— no drain holes.

Yield Lab 10 x 20 Inch - 4X Thick Heavy Duty - Seed Starter and Plant Germination Black Plastic Propagation Tray (10Pack) - No Holes, Horticulture Growing Equipment
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Product Highlights
  • JUMPSTART YOUR GROW: Starting your grow in a germination tray will provide your plants with a strong rooting system in an easily manageable environment.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Unlike other trays on the market, trays are 2mm. thick. This rigid design can support up to 35lbs of weight, perfect for any grow.
  • SEED FLAT TRAY: Perfect for seed and cutting propagation, these trays are ideal for those looking to get the full benefits of transplantation.
  • REUSEABLE DESIGN: Built to last, these reusable trays are constructed out of a food grade polyurethane. This allows them to be used for multiple grows saving you time and money.


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