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BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer, Portable Keyring Breath Alcohol Tester, White
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Product Highlights
  • Affordable with a take-anywhere small, sturdy design
  • Displays BAC results on an easy-to-read 3-digit LCD display
  • Folding mouthpiece maximizes portability and ease of use. Dimensions 1.45 x 0.55 x 2.44 inches (3.7 x 1.4 x 6.2 cm)
  • Designed in California and created by BACtrack, the #1 Most Trusted Brand of Breathalyzers in North America, with over 13 years of experience in the breathalyzer industry.

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Breathalyzer, Portable Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester with Digital Breath Alcohol Tester with Blue Backlight LCD Display for Personal & Professional Use with 5 Mouthpieces
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Product Highlights
  • HIGH PRECISION:This Alcohol Tester adopted high-precision semiconductor alcohol sensor, just need only 5 seconds can give a result to judge whether you can drive or not
  • EASY TO USE:Just press the power button for 2 seconds to start the professional breathalyzer, wait for 20 seconds for warming-up, then blow with the tester for 5 seconds, the result will be ready after 3 seconds, and it will be displayed on the LCD screen for 15 seconds.(2 AA battery needed--not included)
  • 5 REPLACEABLE MOUTHPIECES: This alcohol tester comes with 5 replaceable mouthpieces, and there are 2 embedded mouthpieces at the back of the product. You don't have to worry about forgetting to take mouthpiece when you are out.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: This professional alcohol breathalyzer just need small space, can be easily carried in your wallet or pocket everywhere.Great for wedding, parties, feast or other social activities, ensures your safe driving after drinking.

Breathalyzer, Rofeer Digital Blue LED Screen Portable Breath Alcohol Tester with 5 Mouthpieces for Drivers Or Home Use, Auto Power Off, Sound Alarm, Current Temperature Display
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Product Highlights
  • 6 Measurement Units and 32 Records: There are six commonly used measurement units for you to choose (%BAC, ‰BAC, mg/L, g/L, mg/100ml, ‰PROM). The latest 32 measurement results can be recorded. The measurement range of each unit is 0~0.199% BAC, 0~1.999‰BAC, 0~1.999g/L, 0~0.999mg/L, 0~1999mg/100ml, 0~1.999‰PROM.
  • Sound Warning and Color Distinction: In addition to the numbers displayed, the results can be distinguished by sound and color. The screen will turn green and the alarm will make a "di"sound if the result is lower than warning value. The screen will turn yellow and the alarm will make sound as "di di" if the result is between warning value and dangerous value. The screen will turn red and the alarm will make sound as "di di di..." for about 15 seconds if the result is higher than dangerous value
  • Easy to Use: Just keep pressing the power button for 2 seconds to start the alcohol breathalyzer tester. Wait for 15 seconds for preheating and then keep blowing for 3-5 seconds to get the result. The result will be displayed on the LCD screen of breathalyzers for 15 seconds. NOTE: In order to make the test results more accurate, please use the alcohol tester after stopping drinking for 20 minutes, and the interval time of each test should be kept for 2~3 minutes.
  • Compact, Energy-saving and 5 Washable Mouthpieces: The blood alcohol breathalyzer is only 4.84in*2.17in*0.75in, so it can be placed in a wallet or pocket easily. It is powered by 3AAA battery, it will automatically power off after 15 seconds of no operation in order to save power. Five of mouthpieces can be cleaned and recycled, making recycling more environmentally friendly.

BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer | Professional-Grade Accuracy | DOT & NHTSA Approved | FDA 510(k) Cleared | Portable Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal & Professional Use
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1,438 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • #1 RATED BREATHALYZER BY WIRECUTTER - "After 65 hours of research, which included getting intoxicated at a police station to test personal breathalyzers alongside law enforcement equipment, we're sure the BACtrack S80 is the most accurate, reliable, and easiest-to-use personal breathalyzer that you can buy." - TheWirecutter, February 2017
  • PRACTICAL & EASY TO USE - Blow for 5 seconds and your BAC results are displayed 10 seconds later on a bright, easy to read LCD screen. Alcohol tester breathalyzer AA battery powered, comes with 6 reusable mouthpieces. Wait 15 minutes after consuming alcohol for the most accurate result.
  • THE MOST ACCURATE BREATHALYZER AVAILABLE - In your efforts to drive more responsibly you need the most accurate results. While some breath testers give inconsistent readings and leave you wondering what your true BAC reading is, BACtrack breathalyzers will always give you police grade accuracy.
  • DOT APPROVED IN ALL 50 STATES - FDA 510(k) CLEARED - A portable alcohol tester designed to surpass the most rigorous standards of expert alcohol screeners, from roadside law enforcement to hospital and treatment professionals. Response Time 3 Seconds

BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer | Professional-Grade Accuracy | Optional Wireless Smartphone Connectivity to Apple iPhone, Google & Samsung Android Devices | Apple HealthKit Integration
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303 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • ESTIMATE YOUR ALCOHOL LEVEL WITH PRO-GRADE ACCURACY - Powered by BACtrack's patented BluFire Fuel Cell Sensor, the C6 utilizes the same professional-grade technology trusted by hospitals, clinics, and even law enforcement.
  • KNOW WHEN YOUR BAC WILL RETURN TO 0.00% - BACtrack's innovative ZeroLine technology estimates the time until your BAC is 0.00%, allowing you to quickly and easily know where you stand.
  • CALL AN UBER - Remember, the only safe time to drive is when your BACtrack shows 0.00%. Anything above that? You can call an Uber directly from the App.
  • OPTIONAL WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY - Use the BACtrack C6 with or without your smartphone. "Standalone Mode" delivers your BAC results directly to your C8. "App Mode" wirelessly delivers your BAC results to the BACtrack App on your smartphone. Easily switch between modes.

FFtopv Breathalyzer, Portable Breath Alcohol Tester Digital Alcohol Detector,High Accuracy Semiconductor Sensor Personal Breathalyzers with 5 Mouthpieces for Drive Or Home Use
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Product Highlights
  • [High-precision digital breath analyzer]: With advanced semi-conductor sensor ensures accurate readout in short time.
  • [High Sensitivity] :With high sensitivity and advanced semiconductor technology, the respirator is accurate to a percentage of one percent. Note:Please test at least 20 minutes after drinking, because it takes about 20 minutes to absorb alcohol from the digestive tract. If the test is carried out immediately, it can only reflect the alcohol concentration in the mouth, but not the alcohol concentration in the blood.
  • [Easy to operate] :Our professional breath analyzer is very easy to use. With just one key operation, it is easy to turn on the device and test it in a few seconds.
  • [LCD with backlight] :Display at night, giving you professional and accurate driving safety. After completing the test 5 seconds, the alcohol tester is automatically turned off to save power.

Breathalyzer, Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Portable with 5 Mouthpieces, Real-Time Red Backlight Digital LCD Screen with Audible Alert, Clock, Grey
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555 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Real-time ResponseThis alcohol tester adopted a high-precision semiconductor alcohol sensor, can real-time response and resume, minimize the mistakes; with three kinds of unit conversion( % BAC/‰BAC/mg/L)
  • Portable Design Space-saving, lightweight, portable, easy to hold and carry, can put it on your bag or pocket, stay with your when driving; great for wedding, parties, or other activities, ensures your safe driving
  • 5 Mouthpieces Replace Comes with 5 replaceable mouthpieces, maintain health and hygiene alcohol test; with one mouthpiece has been installed, no worry to forget to carry it anymore
  • Easy to Use Warm up for 15 seconds and blow for 3-5 seconds, then read the text result from the alcohol tester LCD screen; the result will display about 20 seconds and then will automatically switch off

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer Portable Keyring Breath Alcohol Tester, Pink
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Product Highlights
  • Accurate BAC Results - Proprietary Advanced MicroCheck Sensor technology delivers reliable, accurate BAC results you can trust
  • Ultra-Compact Design - Fits inside a purse or pocket and can be easily used as a keychain. Warm-up time is 11-13 seconds. Battery life is approximately 150 tests
  • Optimal Breath Capture - The innovative fold-out mouthpiece ensures only your breath goes into the breathalyzer, while other airborne pollutants are kept out.
  • One Touch Operation - Simply power on your BACtrack Keychain and begin testing in seconds

Breathalyzer, FFtopu Professional Alcohol Tester with USB Rechargeable Portable LCD Digital Display Breath Alcohol Tester and10 Mouthpieces
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Product Highlights
  • Upgraded Alcohol Tester:The advanced high-precision nanotechnology sensor will immediately provide you with the most accurate value, and comes with ten spare Mouthpieces for you and your family or friends to use.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: Breathalyzer has a micro USB cable for easy charging. It can be used for 3-6 months after a full charge. You don't need to buy and replace the battery all the time. Moreover, it will automatically turn off the power after 15 seconds of inactivity, saving money and environmental protection.
  • Easy to operate and portable: easy to operate, easy to carry, save space for you, you can put it in your pocket or bag when you are partying with friends.
  • Audible alarm: If the result is lower than the warning value, the screen will turn green and the siren will emit "di"; if the result is between the warning value and the dangerous value, the screen will turn yellow and the siren will emit "di" Di" sound; when the test result is higher than 0.05% BAC / 0.5‰ BAC, the screen of the digital breath analyzer will turn red, and the alarm will sound "di di di...".

Breathalyzer | Professional Breath Alcohol Tester High Accuracy | Portable Breathalyzer Digital Alcohol Detector for Personal Use | LCD Display & Semiconductor Sensor (with 5 Mouthpieces)
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