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Senninger Pressure Regulator 25 PSI 3/4' Hose Thread Drip Irrigation Pressure Reducer Low Flow Valve - Landscape Grade High Performance
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Product Highlights
  • Ideal for installations requiring lower flows such as solid set, drip line, soaker hose and other low pressure agriculture, residential and commercial irrigation.
  • This PRLG (Pressure Regulator Landscape Grade) maintains a constant outlet pressure of 25 PSI (1.72 bar) with a flow range between 0.5 - 7 GPM (114 - 1590 L/hr).
  • 100% water tested for accuracy. Senninger pressure regulators are built to rigorous quality standards and are known worldwide for their reliable performance.
  • Proper use of this low flow water regulator maintains sprinkler or droplet flow, distribution uniformity, and the overall efficiency of an irrigation system. It also helps conserve water and energy and extend sprinkler and drip system life in your garden or nursery. Works with any standard 3/4" outdoor faucet, hose bib, garden hose, water hose, sprinkler manifold, garden soaker hose or home irrigation system.

$15.99 $14.25
Wilkins 34-70XL Pressure Regulator
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Product Highlights
  • Complete Repair Kit available (RK34-70XL) includes cartridge, diaphragm, diaphragm disc and bolt, spring, spring disc, friction ring, union gasket, and lubricant
  • Cartridge design provides easy repair
  • Well-suited for residential applications
  • The pressure reducing valve has a balanced piston design and reduces pressure in both flow and no-flow conditions using an adjusting bolt.

AECOJOY Water Pressure Regulator Brass Lead Free, NH Thread for RV, Adjustable Plumbing with 160 PSI Guage
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Product Highlights
  • AECOJOY 2020 NEW VERSION, lead free regulator come with a more durable pressure gauge to make the pressure information more clear.
  • Compatible with U.S. 3/4" water sources, NH thread for RV, compatible with all U.S. water sources, simply assemble to connect with city water connector, protects filter and hose from damage.
  • Durable lead free brass, well under the NSF lead-free requirements of 0.25%.
  • Adjust pressure up to 160 PSI contain oil to reduce friction of internal components and greatly increases the life of the product.

$29.99 $22.99
SNS AR3000-N02 Female Thread 1/4 NPT Air Pressure Regulator 0-150 PSI Adjustable,Bracket,Gauge
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Product Highlights
  • Thread: 1/4 NPT
  • Rated Flow: 88.3 SCFM(2500 L/min)
  • Temperature Range: 5~60℃(41-140℉)
  • Aluminum Alloy Material

Renator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator Valve. Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer with Gauge for RV Camper, and Inlet Screened Filter
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Product Highlights
  • 2016 Improved Version. We have upgraded our brass regulator after examining other reviews; Our new lead-free regulator contains a more durable pressure gauge with oil to prevent friction of internal components, particularly low lead content, well under the lead free requirement, and comes with a 1 Year WARRANTY.
  • Lead Free. This regulator was modified to contain lowest amount of lead of any regulator on the market. Each batch of regulators is tested to contain less than .13% lead, well under the NSF lead-free requirements of .25%. Email us for a copy of our testing certification.
  • Regulator gauge contains oil to reduce friction of internal components and greatly increases the life of the product.
  • Compatible with all U.S. water sources, including 3/4" garden hose threads and NH threads. Contact us for any compatibility questions by clicking on our store name, "Cartlee", and clicking on the ask a question button.

Raindrip R463CT 3/4-Inch Preset Hose Pressure Regulator 25 to 30 PSI
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Product Highlights
  • 3/4-inch hose thread inlet by 3/4-inch hose thread outlet
  • For pressure up to 80 psi
  • Preset at 25- 30 psi
  • Durable plastic construction

NANPU 1/4' NPT Compressed Air Filter Regulator Lubricator Combo Water/Oil Trap Separator - Gauge(0-150 psi), Poly Bowl, Semi-Auto Drain, Bracket - 3 in 1 Two Unit
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Product Highlights
  • 1/4" NPT Piggyback Filter Regulator Lubricator Unit
  • Operating Pressure: 0-145 PSI
  • 5 Micron Brass Filter Element, Excellent Filtering Performance, Much Longer Life and Reuse Feasibility
  • Flow Rate: 18 SCFM (500 L /Minute)@90 psi

Rain Bird PRF07530S Drip Irrigation In-Line 30 psi Pressure Regulating 'Y' Filter, 3/4' Male Pipe Thread
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Product Highlights
  • 3/4" Y filter unit combines filtration and 30 psi pressure regulation in one piece
  • Reduces the number of components in system and speeds installation
  • Protects and prevents clogging of downstream Drip irrigation components
  • 200 mesh (75 micron) stainless steel filter pre-installed; cap unthreads for quick cleaning

$30.09 $28.47
Rain Bird HT07525PS HT07525PSI 3/4' Fht 25Psi Regulator, Pressure
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Product Highlights
  • Maintains optimum 25 psi pressure and water flow to Drip lines and emitter devices
  • Connects to any 3/4" male pipe threaded faucet, garden hose or component
  • 20 gallon per minute flow through capacity
  • Durable, robust design provides reliable operation

Camco (40055) RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator- Helps Protect RV Plumbing and Hoses from High-Pressure City Water, Lead Free
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Product Highlights
  • Helps protect RV plumbing and hoses from high pressure city water
  • Attaches easily with 3/4" garden hose threads
  • Durable brass construction that is drinking water safe
  • Reduces water pressure to a safe and consistent 40 50 pounds of pressure

$13.99 $8.88

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