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Piano Style Universal Sustain Pedal Digital Keyboards Pedal for Yamaha,Casio,Roland,Korg,Behringer,Moog,Electronic Sustain Foot Damper Pedal
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Product Highlights
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITYTybonder T-1 is a universal sustain pedal compatible with all keyboards and electric pianos on market,such as:Yamaha,Casio,Korg,Roland and More.No worries about compatibility,it will play nicely with all of your synths,keyboards and digital pianos.
  • WIDER BASETybonder digital keyboards pedal base width is wider than other pedals on market,Non-slip rubber base underfoot with enough resistance. When you play,Slip-resistant rubber bottom grips the floor to keep pedal perfectly in place.
  • HIGH QUALITYClassic-style sustain pedal with chrome foot pedal for a natural,premium build with a robust,heavy-duty mechanism for uncompromised reliability.
  • SWITCHABLE POLARITYSwitchable polarity - Improve the sound of keyboard playing, give you realistic feeling sustain for an electric piano. The cable is 5.5 feet (1.6m) long enough to use it for keeping your pedal where you want,Input connector: 1/4″Monaural Jack.

$25.90 $19.99
M Audio SP 2 | Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action For MIDI Keyboards, Digital Pianos & More
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Product Highlights
  • Universal sustain pedal with chrome foot pedal for a natural, realistic pedal action
  • Classic design with a conveniently located polarity switch for compatibility with all electronic keyboards
  • Premium build with a robust, heavy-duty mechanism for uncompromised reliability
  • Lightweight, ultra-compact aesthetic provides classic piano style sustain in portable footprint

$29.99 $25.00
Yamaha FC4A Assignable Piano Sustain Foot Pedal,MultiColored
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Product Highlights
  • 6-Feet cable with 0.25-Inch plug
  • Improved anti-slip rubber
  • Mechanical noise has been reduced
  • Yamaha (Author)

$28.95 $26.63
Donner DK-1 Sustain Pedal for Keyboard Digital Piano Foot Damper Pedal
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Product Highlights
  • Classic-style sustain pedal for use with any electronic keyboard, synth, digital piano
  • High-quality chrome foot pedal with Rubberized cover.
  • Slip-resistant rubber bottom grips the floor to keep the pedal perfectly in place
  • Designed to work and feel just like acoustic piano's sustain pedal, enrich your Pianos Tone

Donner DSP-003 Universal Sustain Pedal with Polarity Switch for MIDI Keyboards, Digital Pianos, Synth (1/4 Inch Jack)
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Product Highlights
  • Functional & Universal Sustain Pedal: Used as acoustic piano’s sustain pedal to prolong the sound. Includes 1.6m(62.9in) cable with 1/4 inch jack, widely for MIDI keyboard, digital piano, electronic keyboard, synth, etc.
  • High Quality & Classic Design: Sturdy ABS plastic cover with chrome foot pedal for long use. The honeycomb construction and selected premium spring offers stable, natural and realistic pedal action. Unique trapezoid lines make it more classic and elegant.
  • Strong Compatibility: Scientifically located polarity switch, which can easily reverse polarity, is designed to work with various types of electronic keyboards.
  • Stable & Anti-Slip Setting: Built-in small irons increase the weight, more grounded and not easy to move. The bottom with 6 slip-resistant pads grips the floor to keep the pedal perfectly in place.

Souidmy Universal Sustain Pedal for Keyboard and Piano with Polarity Switch, Heavy-duty keyboard pedal with Non-slip Rubber Bottom, Apply to MIDI Keyboard, Synthesizer and Digital Piano(1/4' Jack)
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Product Highlights
  • Heavy-duty & Non-slip The Souidmy sustain pedal consists of a heavy-duty plastic shell, a metal base plate, a metal mechanical structure, a chrome-plated metal pedal, and a rubber pad. This results in a rough bottom surface, low center of gravity, and heavyweight. Or the friction of the carpet to prevent you from sliding when using it
  • Polarity Switch Unfortunately, there is no consensus between manufacturers concerning polarity. This means that when some pedals are connected to some electric music keyboards, pressing the pedal will turn off the sustain – the exact opposite of what should happen. But when you have a pedal with a polarity switch, any manufacturer ’s product is suitable, you only need to flip the switch
  • Silent & Shock-absorbing When you step on the damper foot pedal, the rubber pad on the back of the steel tongue acts as a cushion. Similarly, when you release the pedal, the felt cloth at the base of the steel tongue can absorb vibration and reduce noise
  • Universal 1/4" Jack Suitable for various musical keyboards such as electronic keyboard, MIDI keyboard, synth and digital piano. The 1/4" jack is designed at a right angle and will not be broken due to excessive bending of the wire. The anti-shedding design between the wire and the circuit board effectively prevents the wire from falling off due to external force

Sustain Pedal Universal for Yamaha Casio Roland Korg Behringer Moog Piano Midi Electronic keyboards
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Product Highlights
  • Universal sustain pedal is an essential accessory that's perfect for keyboard players and piano players,Compatible with all electronic keyboards and digital pianos.
  • 6.5 feet cable with 1/4 inch phone plug. (with warranty 1 year)
  • Made of chrome plated metal pedal, high strength plastic shell, sturdy and durable.
  • Polarity reverse switch provides compatibility with most Kurzweil,Korg, Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Fater,Ensoniq

$19.99 $17.99
Yamaha FC5 Compact Sustain Pedal for Portable Keyboards, black
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Product Highlights
  • 5 foot cable
  • 1/4" TS plug
  • Genuine Yamaha accessory
  • Yamaha (Author)

$24.00 $12.64
Casio SP-20 Upgraded Piano-Style Sustain Pedal
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275 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Works with all Casio keyboards and digital pianos with a pedal jack
  • Piano-style sustain pedal
  • Long cord
  • Black finish

Mugig MY-1 Universal Sustain Pedal, Piano Foot Pedal for Electronic Keyboards, MIDI Keyboards, Digital Piano (1/4-inch Jack)
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35 Reviews
Product Highlights
  • Universal sustain pedal, for any Electronic Keyboard, Synth, Digital Piano.
  • Design with polarity switch to meet different configuration.
  • Slip-resistant bottom grips floor tightly during performance.
  • Sustain pedal is made of chrome plated. Premium build with a tough structure.


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