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GISSVOGEEK Window Tint Application Tools,Car Window Film Tinting Tools,Vinyl Wrap Kit,11 in 1 Precut/Auto Window Tint Kit Felt Squeegee, Window Tint Squeegee,Plastic Scrapers,Utility Knife&Blades
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Product Highlights
  • GOOD VALUE PACKAGE GROUP**: package includes 11 kinds of different tools, rubber jelly squeegee, conqueror squeegee, felt squeegee with fabric felt, 2 double-usage plastic scrapers,10 steel blades&10 plastic blades, 9mm retractable utility knife with 10 blades, contour squeegee, block squeegee.
  • WIDE APPLICATION**: widely used in auto window tinting, vinyl film, wall decals, poster, wallpaper installation,wallpaper smoothing, all types of paint protection film, decals, solar film, wrap film.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL**: the whole kit is made of high-quality plastic, rubber and stainless steel, but is lightweight and portable to any place you want.
  • SCRAPER FREATURE**: scraper heads are designed for better performance, greater control and strength, making scraping faster and easier.

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Luxiv Car Window Tint Application Tools Kit, 9 Pcs Vehicle Glass Protective Film Installing Tool Car Window Film Squeegee Automotive Film Scrapers Window Tint Tools (B)
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Product Highlights
  • 9 in 1 Window Tint Tools: Package included 9 pcs window tint tools, blue rubber squeegee, blue squeegee with soft cloth, white card squeegee, yellow corner squeegee, black fish-shape squeegee, mini pink squeegee, tint removal blade, 500ml spray bottle, carving knife.
  • Install Any Places Easily: Blue rubber squeegee with stainless steel handle suit for smooth large area window film, blue scratches with soft felt suit for smooth small area, and the black fish-shape squeegee, yellow corn squeegee, and mini pink squeegee could install any flat, curved surfaces, corners. Carving knife using for cut the film or the wallpaper with the shape you want.
  • 500ml Spray Bottle: Vehicle glass protective film installing tool kits include a 500ml spray bottle, large enough capacity to hold water or detergent to help you clean the mounting surface, more convenient than others.
  • Window Tint Removal Tools: Orange and black window tint removal could help you remove the old car film or car stickers easily, but when the first time use this tool, you need to rotate the screw for change the sharp edge.

G·PEH 8 in 1 Vehicle Glass Protective Film Car Window Wrapping Tint Vinyl Installing Tool - Squeegees, Scrapers, Film Cutters
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Product Highlights
  • Car Automotive Window Vinyl Film Wrap Application Installation Vehicle Tinting Tools Kit Set.
  • Suitable for application of all types of window tint film, paint protection film, decals, solar film, wrap film.
  • Window Scraper kit is portable and convenient to use, with soft squeegee, no scratched when operating.
  • Scratch-less, no marring or marks, just smooth motions that easily glides across vinyl films and painted surfaces. Scrape off the bubbles downright under the film, cut the film as your wanted shape.

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JNK NETWORKS Real Precut Tint Film for Any CAR,Truck,Minivan,SUV(All Windows Plus Back Windshield)
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Product Highlights
  • Please be assured we are providing quality beyond price.
  • Specify the Year, Make, Model, Body Type of vehicle and Select the tint shade of 5%, 15%,30%
  • Real precut. Film is already trimmed.No cutting required.
  • It may require heat shrinking to fit any curvature of your windows prior to installing the precut tint.Professional tint squeegee application tool kit is highly recommended.

zhuohua Window Tint Application Tools 1 Set, 9 PCS Window Tint Tools for Vehicle Film Including Window Squeegee, Scraper, Utility Knife and Blades
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Product Highlights
  • Professional and daily use of installing automotive window tint ,which help to instal any flat,curved surfaces, corners .Effectively remove air bubbles produced during the film pasting,and improve the efficiency of installing film
  • For the blue rubber with metal handle squeegee and white card squeegee with black rubber, they could clean the water very clearly for glass, mirror, shower, auto, car windows
  • For the yellow corner squeegee ,black squeegee and mini pink squeegee, they could be used widly on the corners and the place which normal squeegee is hard to reach. For the orange double-sided scraper,one side plastic, one side metal, according to your needs to remove stubborn glue or small dirty residue.
  • Equipped with a knife to cut the shape you want and has ten carbon steel material knives to replace

rabbitgoo Window Film Complete Installation Kit Vinyl Wrap Application Tool Kit Professional Vinyl Film Wrap Kit Window Tint Film Installing Tool
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Product Highlights
  • Make Installation a Breeze: This window film kit includes an empty spray bottle, a utility knife and a squeegee, ready for a complete window film installation; Made of lightweight but high quality materials, this tool kit is super portable and convenient to use and carry
  • 100ml Spray Bottle: Featuring sturdy construction, this spray bottle is durable for longer service life to satisfy your daily use; With ergonomic design, it won’t fatigue your hand during use; Fill the empty spray bottle with water or soapy water as you like and use it to clean target surfaces by switching the adjustable nozzle from OFF to SPRAY
  • Retractable Utility Knife: Made of premium metal, this utility knife helps cut and trim window films easily and quickly with an anti-slip & comfortable grip for you during use; And with the safety lock tab on the knife, it also helps lock the blade into place automatically after use; It is also an useful cutting tool for daily applications at home and office
  • Flexible Installation Squeegee: The lightweight plastic squeegee gives you a comfortable feel and grip with its ergonomic handle design; It is super convenient to store with a hole design and can be used easily to remove air bubbles during window film installation with no more scratches, marring or marks caused to the surface

Ehdis 8 in 1 Car Window Film Tool Kit with Replaceable Handled Rubber Squeegee, Felt Edge Squeegee, Scraper 1
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Product Highlights
  • All Tools: Professional Vinyl Wrapping shops daily use, great for installing automotive window tint, paint protection films and solar film applications
  • Different squeegee: Effectively remove the air bubbles produced during the film pasting, improve the efficiency and quality of film
  • Safety Vinyl Cutter: Designed for cutting paper, wallpaper, vinyl sheet, window films; It keeps your hand safe, reduces injuries in work.
  • Micro Vinyl Stick: Helps you easily fit in the small nooks and cracks for close edges and gaps

EHDIS 7 Pieces Vehicle Glass Protective Film Car Window Wrapping Tint Vinyl Installing Tool: Squeegees, Scrapers, Film Cutters
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Product Highlights
  • Car Automotive Window Vinyl Film Wrap Application Installation Vehicle Tinting Tools Kit Set included: 5 inch Blue Rubber Jelly Squeegee with handle, 4"Blue Felt Squeegee with Fabric Felt, Pink Mini Scraper, Yellow Contour Squeegee, Black Conqueror Squeegee, 6"White Block Squeegee, Film cutter with 10 blades
  • Tint squeegee in This Window Tint kit: The blue rubber squeegee and white card squeegee for smooth large area window film and can clean the water very clearly for glass, mirror, shower, auto, car windows.The felt squeegee is very suitable for scraping off the bubbles downright under the film, prevent glass,car paint and film.
  • Easy to Use Mini Vinyl Squeegee: the yellow corner squeegee ,black squeegee and mini pink squeegee,they can be used widely in wrapping narrow and corner area of Vehicle.
  • Safety Vinyl Cutter: Suitable for cutting window films,wallpaper,vinyl sheet,easy to cut the shape you want;perfect for using at home, in the garage, office or warehouse.

GISSVOGEEK Car Window Film Tinting Tools, Auto Vinyl Wrap Installation Kit, Precut/Auto Window Tint Kit, 8 in 1 Kit with Felt Squeegee&Felts, Window Tint Squeegee, Vinyl Squeegee, Utility Knife&Blades
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Product Highlights
  • WIDE APPLICATION-1**: vinyl wrap squeegee, tint window film car, squeegee vinyl, tint window, vinyl wrap kit, car tint, tint for car windows, wrap kit, car tint windows film, window tint squeegee, window film kit tools, vehicle wrap tools, vinyl tint, car wrap kit, vinyl squeegee tool, vehicle window tint, wrap car, vinyl scraper tool, squeegee window tint, windows tint tool kit, vinyl vehicle wrap,vinyl squeegee, window tint for cars,car tint windows kit,film tool kit, window film for car.
  • WIDE APPLICATION-2**: vehicle wrap tool kit, car wrap tools, windows tint, vinyl car wrap, car vinyl, car vinyl wrap, vinyl for cars, tint kit car, window film tint car, tint film, car wrap tool kit, tint squeegee, vinyl tool kit, window tint tool kit, tints for car windows, vinyl tools kit, car window film, vinyl wrap knife, vehicle tint, car window tint film, car tint windows, tint for windows car, window film kit ,film squeegee, car tint kit, tint window kit, tint car, tint window car, viny
  • WIDE APPLICATION-3**: vinyl wrap car ,window car tint, vehicle wrap, film tint car, tint for cars, car window film tint, tint car window film, window scraper, car tint film, tint windows kit, window tint film, ppf tools, window wrap, vinyl car wraps, wrap for cars, film installation kit, vinyl cutter, vinyl wrap tool, window tint kit for cars, film cutter tool, windows tint tools, tint windows, car vinyl wrap tool kit, window film tint, window tint tool, car wrap tools kit, window tint cutter,
  • WIDE APPLICATION-4**:windows tint for cars, tint film for cars ,car wrap tool, knife for vinyl, squeegee tint ,tint windows film for car, car wrap vinyl kit, vinyl kit, wrap on vinyl, windows tint kit, car window kit, window tint film for cars, wrap for car, car scraper, car utility knife, car vinyl car wrap tools, film scraper, scraper blades car, squeegee film, squeegee for car windows, squeegee for window tint, vinyl cutter tool kit, vinyl scraper, window film tool kit, window films.

zhuohua Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Window Tint Film Tool Kit Include Multifunctional Smoothing Tool, Felt Squeegee,Edge Trimmer,Carving Knife(10 Blades) for Wallpaper Smoothing (kit2)
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Product Highlights
  • Professional and daily use of DIY wrappers. Suitable for Installing Auto Wraps and wallpaper application
  • The tomato red edge trimmer is designed to facilitate film application in areas of narrow curves and over the edges of car panels.soft material enable it to trim the film on the edge of the door
  • Orange cut Knife great for cutting vinyl, paper, wallpaper, contact paper, cardboard, carpet, twine, and other materials.Retractable knife has a plastic body and segmented snap off blades to maintain a sharp edge for precision cutting
  • A combination of larger and thicker, wear-resistant, non-deformable red squeegee ,which is suitable for large-area wallpaper, making it protect the scraper while also protecting the wallpaper and extend the scraper life.And Squeegee with a felt can glide easily,helping to eliminate air bubbles and scratches,making vinyl installation easier and faster

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